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@trishankkarthik “In general, we have a lot of uncertainty about the world, but we have very little uncertainty about what to do.” — Another classic from @nntaleb at #RWRI Permalink 9:02 AM – 28 May 2018

@nntaleb Mafik téktob el lughat el Europiyyé bil7arf el 3arabé. L Atrak jarrabo l7arf llatiné zabatét ma3on la2nno fi ktir kilmét Europiyyé 3indon, mitl 3inna. Permalink 8:05 AM – 28 May 2018

@nntaleb The traditional mission of the journalist is to 1) be independent, 2) fight power on behalf of citizens. We are getting, with very few exceptions, cowards who worry about their reputation & are afraid to fight the monoculture. Permalink 4:49 AM – 28 May 2018

@nntaleb Ahamm shi bil legha ma ma3rwf min weyn jéyé bas na3rwf weyn banna nekhda! Permalink 4:23 AM – 28 May 2018

@nntaleb The great Andrew Gelman @StatModeling catches the chronic nudgeboy @CassSunstein in an explosion of BS   Permalink 3:25 AM – 28 May 2018

@nntaleb Hiyyé lfikra hon latéfhamo ma 3am ni7ké 3arabé bass legha a3ta2 minna ktir.   Permalink 2:53 AM – 28 May 2018

@nntaleb Don’t have the courage. It’s all about courage.   Permalink 6:06 PM – 27 May 2018

@nntaleb Ma zabatét abl ma3 sa3id 3a2l, halla2 rej3ét lfikra tettabba2, ma3 1) el-social media w 2) mawt mashru3 l 3urubé bi Lebnén (w Suriyya’l gharbiyyé). Wa2ta halla2. “An idea whose time has come”. Permalink 5:11 PM – 27 May 2018

@nntaleb This BS Vendor @BretStephensNYT is so mean & stupid that it makes the case for @elonmusk’s project to force journos to have skin in the game.   Permalink 10:57 AM – 27 May 2018

@AndrewNoymer Rachel Carson lead us to reckoning with DDT, a component of the first “green revolution”. I hope the day of reckoning is coming for glyphosate, neonicotinoids, etc., and the agricultural GMOs that drive their demand.   Permalink 10:19 AM – 27 May 2018

@nntaleb Lfar2 béyn l legha wl lahjé hiyyé bass l kitébé. Ktubo bil lebnéné/Neo-Ken3ané/Neo-Fini2é. Ma tste7o min leghét jdudkon! Ma tste7o! Ana la7 tarjém kitbé 3al Néo-Ken3ané. Permalink 8:59 AM – 27 May 2018

@nntaleb Turned out, I was invited, but the invitation was in my unopened mail folder. Maybe I should start reading my mail.   Permalink 6:09 AM – 27 May 2018

@nntaleb To summarize the central problem addressed in my technical book. Permalink 5:09 AM – 27 May 2018

@DrK_W1984 3/3…and I’m hopeful it provides a way to understand and encourage religious/ atheist tolerance. #Skininthegame Permalink 4:50 AM – 27 May 2018

@RJMourinha “Don’t waste time trying to get an A because you’re not going to remember all that shit.” @nntaleb speaks with @tylercowen for @cowenconvos (via @farnamstreet)   Permalink 4:05 AM – 27 May 2018

@KarinLitzcke Speaking of this amazing interview, in it, @nntaleb also clarifies the nature of the tensions underlying a pesky, long-standing and ongoing series of conflicts: Permalink 2:27 PM – 26 May 2018

@KarinLitzcke In this wide-ranging interview, @nntaleb explains in a single paragraph what armchair academic critics of @jordanbpeterson miss about why he connects w public & they don’t:   Permalink 2:12 PM – 26 May 2018

@nntaleb This seems to be a good summary for those of us who lost interest.   Permalink 10:16 AM – 26 May 2018

@nntaleb From Silent Risk Permalink 7:59 AM – 26 May 2018

@nntaleb Something they also don’t get about impatience: survivorship bias. Delaying gratification means also taking much, much more hidden risks (“a bird in the hand”). In human nature vs psychologists, ignore psychologists. See Silent Risk.   Permalink 7:37 AM – 26 May 2018

@nntaleb “If you want people to buy a book tell them it’s overrated” [Bed of Procrustes] “Buy houses they call overpriced; read books called overrated; invest in markets called irrational; do things you enjoy that they can’t explain.”   Permalink 7:12 AM – 26 May 2018

@lee_alley You know, I’ve read innumerable philosophers, theologians, religious people, authors, for years & no one has gotten the Christian trinity in a one-er as succinctly as ex-trader & something-or-the-other guru @nntaleb   3 sentences to distill 3 Moltmann books! Permalink 5:54 AM – 26 May 2018

@nntaleb Watch out: I block nitpickers, particularly those who nitpick aphorisms. Gabish? Permalink 4:38 AM – 26 May 2018

@nntaleb (No, the point is that complaining is what losers do.) Permalink 3:51 AM – 26 May 2018

@nntaleb You want your enemies to complain about you. The more they complain, the better. Permalink 3:44 AM – 26 May 2018

@BrankoMilan And I doubt very much self-reported trust indicators (which these studies use) because I think it is only _behavior_ of people which matters not what people say they believe. (Not original; @nntaleb makes the same point.) Permalink 1:49 PM – 25 May 2018

@nntaleb 1) Pinker doesn’t understand statistical significance, bul**ts about it when caught. 2) Science = statistically significant. Gabish?   Permalink 7:40 AM – 25 May 2018

@nntaleb Russian Keto: pork fat, unapologetic. Helps with both keto and drinking. Permalink 11:32 AM – 24 May 2018

@nntaleb A little bit of background on why you need to learn to get drunk with Russians   Permalink 11:29 AM – 24 May 2018

@nntaleb Getting drunk with Russians! Permalink 10:14 AM – 24 May 2018

@nntaleb Paper was accepted by a journal. I accidentally submitted it in place of another file and just got the report. Permalink 8:36 AM – 24 May 2018

@nntaleb Saint Petersburgh, today   Permalink 8:09 AM – 24 May 2018

@IgnacioYbanez @nntaleb insiste en la fragilidad de las cosas, pero también en la repetición de las cosas. Ahora las tablets han sustituido a los ordenadores que sustituyeron a los libros, pero las tablets nos recuerdan las tablas que utilizaban los antiguos @SPIEF Permalink 6:05 AM – 24 May 2018

@nntaleb Riskiere deine Haut oder schweig   via @nzz Permalink 3:11 AM – 24 May 2018

@nntaleb I am game! Under the condition that the public is never anonymous. Skin in the game all the way. Permalink 4:30 PM – 23 May 2018

@nntaleb Yuuuuuuge conversation with @tylercowen (but photos don’t show recent 8lbs weight loss!)   ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 3:35 PM – 23 May 2018

@nntaleb Fi ktir ktir amtél bil-lébnéné ghayra.   Permalink 3:05 PM – 23 May 2018

@nntaleb лучший музей в мире Permalink 5:36 AM – 23 May 2018

@nntaleb Bye Bye Dodd Frank, good riddance: pages & pages of regulations, nothing about skin in the game. Skin in the game >> all other regulations. Permalink 4:49 AM – 23 May 2018

@nntaleb And another truth: linguists use circular definitions. Not science.   Permalink 12:41 AM – 23 May 2018

@nntaleb The great truth: in countries whose official language is “Arabic”, Arabic is a 3rd language (except for Peninsula, v. religious pple & scholars): people are triglossic: easier to read/write in English/Turkish/French than in Arabic. Time for countries to use their own language. Permalink 12:22 AM – 23 May 2018

@nntaleb Two GMO campaigners smearing me turned out to be abusers/spouse beaters. I don’t find it ethical to use it against them & their opinions. Likewise if a scientist has crazy ideas on race w/which I disagree, I would excoriate him, but never deny his other contributions. Gabish?   Permalink 9:19 AM – 22 May 2018

@nntaleb Aside from klueless Massimo’s usual unrigorous utterances: car mechanics, dentists, & plumbers are checked by users, can’t BS for a living (#skininthegame), BOTH at the level of individual & profession. Philosophers are checked by one another, hence citation ring & BS vending.   Permalink 7:27 AM – 22 May 2018

@nntaleb BUREAUCRAT-WARMONGER CLASS WITHOUT SKIN IN THE GAME Mr Pompeo, these ignorant & agressive actions to “promote peace security” have been promoting instability. Bureaucrats like you never learn from past mistakes, are not subjected to evolutionary selection.   Permalink 4:31 AM – 22 May 2018

@jaolavebo As reiterated in @nntaleb literature… Landmark lawsuit claims Monsanto hid cancer danger of weedkiller for decades   Permalink 3:40 AM – 22 May 2018

@nntaleb Bone marrow Permalink 5:19 PM – 21 May 2018

@nntaleb As a general rule, most “regrets” after one is caught’s aren’t regrets about having committed the action, but regrets about having been caught. Apologies count only when they are spontaneous, coming out of deep principles. Otherwise they are just an expression of submission. Permalink 3:09 PM – 21 May 2018

@ThomasSieckmann @nntaleb is this Fat Tony’s car?   Permalink 3:07 PM – 21 May 2018

@nntaleb You need to buy a copy of @davidgraeber’s “Bul***t Jobs”, about jobs that, if they didn’t exist, wouldn’t have to be invented. But there are b***t professions that can be eliminated w/o harm (& w/gains) Which is the most “b***t” profession? Permalink 9:45 AM – 20 May 2018

@nntaleb Reviews that get it are starting to come ‘Skin in the Game’: A Political Treatise for Liberty that Turns the Golden Rule Upside-Down | Arnold Kling   via @feeonline Permalink 8:55 AM – 20 May 2018

@nntaleb Complication w/o insight: Taking gloves off in my new technical but antiacademic book: uncensored thanks to pub house w @TuckerMax. Emergence of ProbabilityTwitter w/ @HarryDCrane, @ole_b_peters RealWldRisk co-founder @financequant & others fighting for clarity over nonsense. Permalink 7:29 AM – 20 May 2018

@KourdaN As a government employee, I have to say that I hate everything I am reading in SITG, mostly because it is painfully true. Permalink 7:07 AM – 20 May 2018

@nntaleb Nerds posting about Skin in the Game: “… but he is very, very rude to academics” do not realize that it actually makes people more interested in the book. Permalink 6:55 AM – 20 May 2018

@Castello_F Los aforismos de @nntaleb   Permalink 3:35 AM – 20 May 2018

@carlcarrie Excellent empirical paper co-authored by forecasting luminary Makridakis (@spyrosmakrid) on Machine Learning prediction – results suggest #ml is still in its infancy with lower relative performance to statistical & naive methods but with great potential   ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 5:32 PM – 19 May 2018

@nntaleb By contrast I went 2x on a group offsite w/the Swedish King (who is not considered part of the royal thingy in Europe), to discuss the Precautionary Pple. He flew economy w/us, then took a chartered bus. No instruction list. Permalink 4:26 PM – 19 May 2018

@nntaleb I was invited for “tea” with a certain member of that royal family. I was handed instructions on how to behave, what to say, how to address him, who eats 1st, meaning to signal at all times that I was inferior. I found it unbearable & humiliating, broke the rules. But still. Permalink 4:14 PM – 19 May 2018

@nntaleb I have some trouble figuring out the Brits: they are maximally politically correct & progressive in small things, yet accept to be (nominally) mere subjects of a hereditary royal family. They practically worship their present & future monarch. Permalink 3:28 PM – 19 May 2018

@nntaleb The advantage of writing on your own terms: you can fully control the aesthetics. Writing in Latex resembles painting. New model: publishing under “STEM ACADEMIC PRESS”, an outfit for peer-reviewed texts, w/the business aspect controlled by @TuckerMax’s firm. Permalink 12:41 PM – 19 May 2018

@CMikaelThompson True; @nntaleb gives best explanation of Christological debates in early centuries of the Church.   Permalink 10:38 AM – 19 May 2018

@nntaleb Closing in. Slowly. Like a detective story.   ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 9:02 AM – 19 May 2018

@ICCS2018 Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Real World Risk Institute) has been confirmed as a speaker for #ICCS2018 @nntaleb #complexity #risk #SpeakerSeries Permalink 8:00 AM – 19 May 2018

@MargoWatroba Still on @nntaleb kick – it will be a while till I move on. One of my favorite quotes… “If you have more than one reason to do something (choose a doctor or veterinarian, hire a gardener or an employee, marry a person, go on a trip), just don’t do it.(…)” Permalink 9:03 PM – 18 May 2018

@nntaleb Squid ink Permalink 5:09 PM – 18 May 2018

@nntaleb The genetic prehistory of the Greater Caucasus   Permalink 11:39 AM – 18 May 2018

@nntaleb From Skin In the Game   Permalink 11:36 AM – 18 May 2018

@nntaleb So if you like the NYT’s advocacy because it fits your orientation, you will give them a free pass for now. But you will overcompensate & distrust them heavily once they diverge ever so slightly from your views. Advocacy is not robust for a newspaper. Permalink 10:17 AM – 18 May 2018

@nntaleb By explicitly choosing a “mission” & advocacy rather than sticking to journalism, the NYT & others have lost their only asset: public trust.   Permalink 9:50 AM – 18 May 2018

@nntaleb Our precautionary principle explained: how to worry ONLY about systemic fat-tails.   Permalink 8:28 AM – 18 May 2018

@nntaleb Michael Bonner’s review (he is a classical scholar). Permalink 6:02 AM – 18 May 2018

@john_f_hamer “The only people who think that real world experience doesn’t matter are those who’ve never had real world experience.”—Nassim Nicholas Taleb @nntaleb Permalink 11:17 PM – 17 May 2018

@SamuelGWalters Suppose that g:R -> R is a continuous function on the reals such that g(2x) = 2g(x) for all x. Does it follow that g(3x) = 3g(x) for all x? #math Permalink 8:16 PM – 17 May 2018

@DrMichaelBonner BREAKING NEWS! A draft offprint of my review of @nntaleb’s “Skin in the Game” to appear soon in The Dorchester Review (@DorchesterRev). I always try to take an unusual route into a topic. So I began here w/ the wisdom texts of the Akkadian Empire…   Permalink 6:27 PM – 17 May 2018

@nntaleb The PDF will be available for free. Hard cover in color at about $20-30. Permalink 9:39 AM – 17 May 2018

@nntaleb INCERTO’S TECHNICAL COMPANION, Vol 1 is almost complete. Only a matter of fixing the aesthetics, figuring out how to publish. Permalink 8:40 AM – 17 May 2018

@nntaleb Given that @mpigliucci keeps spreading his article, here is the response.   Permalink 7:34 AM – 17 May 2018

@nntaleb 4) In Mount Lebanon, Maronites & Shiites used to share a (Jewish) Neder (ندر, נדר), a pledge: if one child survives a threatening disease, the family performs some rituals or name child according to the other religion, sometimes even convert.   Permalink 6:49 AM – 17 May 2018

@nntaleb 3) Differentiation of religions is new, caused by communication, exploding w/internet. Doura Europos: same room doubled as temple/synagogue/church. It had human representations. Pple could be all 3, or combination. Religion was much more local than global, pre-Saudi Barbaria. Permalink 6:38 AM – 17 May 2018

@nntaleb 2) Some remnants of gnostic religions: Alevis, Alawis, Druze, etc. still maintain the Pagan practice of substituting religions: each individual can syncretize when in a Christian or Muslim environment. Permalink 6:32 AM – 17 May 2018

@nntaleb 1) Problem w/modern monotheism (including a Protestant heresy called atheism) is the increased integrality, the “either/or”: you can’t be ⅓ Jewish, ⅓ Sunni, ⅓ Prostestant & rotate betw rituals. You can take pre-packaged syncretism: Cath/Orthodoxy/Shias but still indivisible. Permalink 6:24 AM – 17 May 2018

@nntaleb Cuisine MAPS to culture, shows a difference betw “East Med” & “Middle East”. Stop mixing the 2: EAST MED (Turkey, Greece, Levant): olive oil, organo/basil/other herbs, wine, bread, hummus, squid ink, semi-f*** you attitude MIDDLE EAST (Arabia, Iraq, etc.): rarely the above.   Permalink 3:33 AM – 17 May 2018

@nntaleb Friends, how can one consolidate this tweetstorm with all answers? Thanks   Permalink 3:26 AM – 17 May 2018

@nntaleb An interesting result from a problem from @cuttheknot. Permalink 5:46 PM – 16 May 2018

@GreenRupertRead BREAKING: The upper house votes by 294 to 244 to preserve the E.U. environmental principles (incl the Precautionary Principle), to legally back animal sentience, and to have a genuinely strong environmental watchdog. >Result!< (Please RT) Permalink 9:24 AM – 16 May 2018

@CutTheKnotMath Amoeba’s survival   #FigureThat #math #probability ” target=”_blank”>″> Permalink 8:58 AM – 16 May 2018

@ektrit Correct. European Historiography is still suffering the invention of the word “Byzantine” and its application retroactively of the previous 15 centuries from the 19th and 20th century for political purposes. We owe to Taleb @nntaleb that discovery in general. Permalink 3:31 AM – 16 May 2018

@ektrit Absolutely believable. I endorse this article.   Permalink 12:41 AM – 16 May 2018

@nntaleb The worst possible thing you can teach someone is standard statistics without the mathematics of probability to rederive estimators. You end up with all the problems of fooled by randomness: few realize that p values are often BS.   Permalink 2:05 PM – 15 May 2018

@trishankkarthik This is the most interesting Twitter thread I’ve read all week. You have no idea how much I’ve learned about the colour blue this week.   Permalink 7:34 AM – 15 May 2018

@nntaleb The Levantine word for “dark” (for skin, shades of color, etc.) is ghami2 is the same as “deep” (diff from Arabic), from Semitic root עָמוֹק. The werb ghammi2 = to go deep underwater or underground. ghame2 غامق becomes عميق (3amiq) in Arabic. Permalink 6:02 AM – 15 May 2018

@nntaleb REVISED OK, OK, needs to be a closed form fuction, with a closed form inverse. Permalink 5:44 AM – 14 May 2018

@nntaleb @EGHaug and I showed how Financial economists were destroying knowledge as we had a far more sophisticated option trading heuristics (that deal with fat tails) before the standardized bad Gaussian statistics of Black Scholes.   Permalink 5:07 AM – 14 May 2018

@nntaleb BREAKING THE CHAIN OF TRANSMISSION In the past people in finance used to learn rich heuristics from elders who picked up from elders, etc. These days they learn from an ignorant B School professor who learned from books. The same with medicine.   Permalink 2:46 AM – 14 May 2018

@nntaleb Math Explorations: Looking for all members of the class of unbounded monotone increasing concave functions. cc:@CutTheKnotMath Permalink 1:03 AM – 14 May 2018

@ektrit Or being Taleb @nntaleb   Permalink 4:59 AM – 13 May 2018

@nntaleb To illustrate that the “health benefits” of the Mediterranean diet aren’t in the diet: people spend their lives climbing stairs and doing intermittent fasts. Permalink 3:47 AM – 13 May 2018

@nntaleb The health benefits of the “Mediterranean diet” aren’t in the food: people spend their lives climbing stairs and steep hills. Permalink 3:45 AM – 13 May 2018

@nntaleb The other problem with @Twhittermarsh is that Greeks had a very primitive color vocabulary to generate reliable spectral conclusions. No color blue until late. Look at family names: in Levant Aswad/Asmar/Ash2ar, or in France Lenoir, Lebrun, Leblanc, Leblond, etc. Permalink 2:10 AM – 13 May 2018

@nntaleb Attention GMO idiots, “scientism” promoters, & Monsantoists: side effects show up late. There is a methodology to figure out if something has a potentially bad systemic effect. There are zillions of way to deal with nature without messing it up. See   ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 2:03 AM – 13 May 2018

@normonics Localism. Localism is not superior due to first-order benefits The contrary, Localism is often superior because it is only in local environments that one has the opportunity to detect and respond to n-order effects Permalink 2:03 PM – 12 May 2018

@CutTheKnotMath An Inequality with Two Variables from Awesome Math   #FigureThat #math #algebra #inequality ” target=”_blank”>″> Permalink 7:52 AM – 12 May 2018

@Rhiju Hey @livemint , not sure if @nntaleb would agree with you depicting ‘Skin in the Game’ as a men’s fashion item in today’s frontpage. Permalink 1:45 AM – 12 May 2018

@nntaleb Belated posting of the NYU Tandon class party (students and former students). Permalink 10:13 AM – 11 May 2018

@nntaleb Lebanese loan words from Turkish, often Persan, Italian or French (Arabists & postcolonial low-IQ types don’t realize many French words came via Turkish) Professions ending with -ji: bustaji, kindarji. Sofra Oda Dukkan Trabzin Franco-Venitian: Nimra Balkon Assenseur Coiffeur Permalink 11:47 PM – 10 May 2018

@nntaleb What happens when you ovelay the autosomal on the J2 haplogroup? Gives us an idea of East Med. Like a detective story. (Very very preliminary). Permalink 1:28 PM – 10 May 2018

@nntaleb The busiest museum section I’ve ever visited Permalink 4:48 AM – 10 May 2018

@normonics Centralized, Industrialized Agriculture as epitomized in GMO industry is truly truly top-down-soviet-harvard-style-fragility Something libertarian-minded folks need to understand. # 8,9   Permalink 8:58 PM – 9 May 2018

@TropicalMBA Forget giving your opinion of @nntaleb ‘s newest book (  ), simply report how many times you’ve read it. (2, and counting…) #skininthegame Permalink 11:21 AM – 9 May 2018

@nntaleb Given what we starting to know about ancient DNA thanks to Reich, @iosif_lazaridis & colleagues, we should start downgrading these verbose, confused, accounts & fabrications by classicists & historians. Greeks then were very, very similar to Greeks (& Western Turks) today   Permalink 9:49 AM – 9 May 2018

@nntaleb   Permalink 8:34 AM – 9 May 2018

@nntaleb The classical world is Western Asia/ Mediterranean. Little to do with “Europe” except for an anachronistic narrative. Permalink 6:13 AM – 9 May 2018

@nntaleb   Permalink 6:11 AM – 9 May 2018

@nntaleb   Permalink 6:10 AM – 9 May 2018

@nntaleb I am standing next to the Bosphorus. The other side is Asia. So if the BBC wanted to do a Mary Beard style historical film, shd they cat pple from Stockholm for this side & pple from Tokyo on the other? “Europe” is a miscategory. Western Eurasia-Med is the proper ecology. Permalink 6:09 AM – 9 May 2018

@DA_Stockman Iran Wants War—You Can Tell By How Close They Put Their Country To Washington’s Military Bases!   ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 5:31 AM – 9 May 2018

@nntaleb Only bad news on pilgrimage to Hagia Sophia: 8 columns of porphyry — red marble —taken from the temple of Jupiter in Baalbeck Lebanon. Permalink 5:25 AM – 9 May 2018

@nntaleb You claim you came for the history; the real reason is the loukums: Permalink 3:10 AM – 9 May 2018

@Lekapenos Exactly! The concept of Europe is a byproduct of the Classical world which was not limited to Europe ffs under any definition ffs   Permalink 9:14 AM – 8 May 2018

@nntaleb Val Giddings @prometheusgreen is documented to be a true evil Monsanto shill. We detected the shoddiness when he poured standard negative comments about our Precautionary paper w/o having read it. Paid to spread msg: “pesticides=science” and smear scientists. Despicable!   Permalink 8:17 AM – 8 May 2018

@elalterego01 Monsanto’s WMD is showing it’s longterm effects in humans   , thank you @nntaleb for uncover this people Permalink 7:49 AM – 8 May 2018

@nntaleb Lebanese elections: 6 women elected, 2 Christian, 4 Muslim Permalink 7:45 AM – 8 May 2018

@nntaleb Only 5 lbs! Permalink 7:06 AM – 8 May 2018

@nntaleb Merhaba, Kalamar mürekkebini burada (İstanbul’da) iyi bir lokantada nerede bulabilirim? Teşekkürler Permalink 7:03 AM – 8 May 2018

@nntaleb I lost weight.   Permalink 11:37 PM – 7 May 2018

@zeinshami11 When @nntaleb first started hating the NYT Permalink 10:12 AM – 7 May 2018

@nntaleb No, overeducated knuckleheads: If you can’t solve the problem, don’t take tail risks on it. WTF is it so hard to get?   Permalink 7:19 AM – 7 May 2018

@nntaleb The nickname for the city Permalink 3:24 AM – 7 May 2018

@nntaleb Dünya güzeli Permalink 3:16 AM – 7 May 2018

@nntaleb 5) The contrast for Wells was betw Michelangelo & the cuckoo clock. Next step: we can contrast grand design (French “enlightenment”) vs something small that works: cuckoo clocks. Permalink 2:51 PM – 6 May 2018

@nntaleb 4) CH Cuckoo Clock vs French Terror, starting with: “In CH, they had brotherly love, they had 500y of democracy & peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.” (O.Welles) Next level: universalism vs fractal particularism. Big ideas vs practical ones. Permalink 2:41 PM – 6 May 2018

@nntaleb There are no successful and unsuccessful people. A few ones are just trying to be someone else. Permalink 12:28 PM – 6 May 2018

@nntaleb And another one, written by a professional   Permalink 10:49 AM – 6 May 2018

@nntaleb 3) is there or has there been any country where power is as distributed as CH? (Consider size of political sub-unit). Permalink 9:36 AM – 6 May 2018

@nntaleb Sorry, meant CH Permalink 8:09 AM – 6 May 2018

@nntaleb Friends, a CHF discussion thread. 1) Is Switzerland the only modern state that was entirely built from the bottom up? What are the main differences with pre-Bismark Germany other than CHF never had a Bismark? Did Napoleon actually DE-Centralize CHF? Permalink 8:06 AM – 6 May 2018

@nntaleb Look at this emergence of a lognormal, turning into power law (in progress) Permalink 7:24 AM – 6 May 2018

@dougvk ‘modernity starts with the state monopoly on violence, and ends with the state’s monopoly on fiscal irresponsibility’ – @nntaleb Permalink 7:05 AM – 6 May 2018

@nntaleb Another one, written by a professional   Permalink 6:28 AM – 6 May 2018

@nntaleb Had lunch w/a student of Marc Kac. Kac & Von Neumann were driving to the airport. VN who was driving fughot to stop at a light. A fierce cop pulled them over. Cop: Where are you going like this? VN: Istanbul The cop, confused, let them off VN: See, it pays to say the truth! Permalink 2:56 PM – 5 May 2018

@nntaleb Remarkably, it is still a Mandelbrot set.   Permalink 2:16 PM – 5 May 2018

@nntaleb As a general rule, whenever your intuition conflicts with that of an economist, bet on your intuition. Economists are reverse indicators: they are ~always wrong. Permalink 7:13 AM – 5 May 2018

@nntaleb In the process I am discovering that, because of the vowels é and o that don’t exist in Arabic, the Latin (actually Phoenician) script is vastly more effective! We need to set standards that match what pple use on social media. Permalink 6:43 AM – 5 May 2018

@nntaleb Translating the Bed of Procrustes into Neo-Phoenician/Canaanite. For comments Permalink 6:36 AM – 5 May 2018

@Megadogyourmom4 Permalink 4:49 AM – 5 May 2018

@nntaleb   Permalink 4:48 AM – 5 May 2018

@RUGBY_STR_COACH When @Physical_Prep & @RUGBY_STR_COACH meet in argentina to discuss #skininthegame, to deadlift and eat red meat. It can only mean #flanneuringaroundtheworld. Respect to the godfather @nntaleb Permalink 4:14 AM – 5 May 2018

@nntaleb The evidence…   Permalink 4:09 AM – 5 May 2018

@nntaleb There is no known instance of an [PUT NAME HERE: Italian, etc.] calling themselves an [PUT NAME HERE: Italian, etc.], particularly if their literature isn’t extant. In fact such a claim abt Phoenicians (Canaanites) is false: see thread.   Permalink 4:07 AM – 5 May 2018

@TMFStoffel Never seen the bulk of @nntaleb’s work summed up so cleanly   Permalink 7:00 PM – 4 May 2018

@nntaleb Now the “organic” book reviews are coming by the load (now that, 3 months later, the press can no longer review the book). Organic book review: written by someone genuinely interested in the topic, not some hack.   Permalink 2:19 PM – 4 May 2018

@nntaleb Every time you give up on Trump, something surprising happens.   Permalink 11:17 AM – 4 May 2018

@nntaleb Why did @republicofmath get so upset over this? Permalink 11:12 AM – 4 May 2018

@CutTheKnotMath Let them be integers too Permalink 11:06 AM – 4 May 2018

@nntaleb #FF Instead of enrolling in a boring math or probability class, follow MathTwitter, particularly Maestro Alexander Bogomolny @CutTheKnotMath Permalink 7:35 AM – 4 May 2018

@nntaleb I treat my friends as temporary pre-enemies, my enemies as temporary pre-friends, and my post-friends as permanent enemies. Permalink 7:18 AM – 4 May 2018

@nntaleb And, by the way, this is our GMO page   Permalink 6:03 PM – 3 May 2018

@nntaleb Fraud: This low-intellect journo, @MJGerson, devoid of scientific reasoning, claims to speaking in the name of *Science* and arbitrate what is pro or anti-science. Good news: idiots like him bring attention to GMOs: tell someone “nothing to worry about” & see how he reacts.   Permalink 5:59 PM – 3 May 2018

@nntaleb Squid ink Permalink 5:00 PM – 3 May 2018

@nntaleb No, no, no. The “empirical distribution is NOT empirical. See   Permalink 1:48 PM – 3 May 2018

@NonMeek Today’s #Offshorecomic with a dash of @nntaleb wisdom sprinkled on top. #academia For more visit   ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 10:09 AM – 3 May 2018

@nntaleb On #WorldPressFreedomDay let us stand in solidarity with the journalists murdered, tortured, and imprisoned by the Trump administration. Permalink 9:51 AM – 3 May 2018

@nntaleb We didn’t break the mafia by reasoning w/its members. Remember: you’ll never break special intrsts, lobbies, journalistic monoculturists & academic rent seekers by convincing them, but 1) by exposing them, 2) working on their customers. Accountability, put Skin in their game. Permalink 5:59 AM – 3 May 2018

@nntaleb Closing in even more. How spoken Lebanese is closer to Syriac in structure. Nerd linguists Arabists s.a. @PhDniX or @lameensouag 1) aren’t even fluent in spoken Lebanese or Syriac (#skininthegame) 2) nor able to understand orthogonality to get it.   Permalink 4:27 AM – 3 May 2018

@nntaleb 3) Herodian etc. Are Arabists stupid? Most certainly. Permalink 3:30 PM – 2 May 2018

@nntaleb 2) Berytus was called Laodicea in Phoenice. We had the 2 provinces Phoenicia Maritima /Phoenicia Libanensis Zaharias Permalink 3:29 PM – 2 May 2018

@nntaleb (cont) To see why social scientists are dangerous & make you do the opposite, look at this BS.   Permalink 2:44 PM – 2 May 2018

@nntaleb Added a section to explain that Goldman Sachs survived for 149 years by explicitly avoiding SOME tail risks and taking a lot of other risks. Permalink 2:43 PM – 2 May 2018

@animeshs Sometimes you come across lines that carry so much truth in such less words, that you can’t help but wish put them on a frame! Here is one such from #skininthegame from @nntaleb Permalink 11:10 AM – 2 May 2018

@tlhote « Le rôle de la Presse est de représenter les citoyens face au pouvoir et non pas d’exercer le pouvoir sur les citoyens. La Presse ne joue plus ce rôle. Twitter permet à des citoyens comme moi d’aller contre les pouvoirs. » Et Macron veut contrôler la parole française sur le Web   Permalink 9:24 AM – 2 May 2018

@Musa_alGharbi @nntaleb Ta-Nehisi Coates’ work empowers academics, media types, social elites to revel in a “dystopian fantasy world under the pretense of ‘keeping it real’ — and get all the perks of religious fundamentalism without ever putting any #skininthegame” :   Permalink 8:35 AM – 2 May 2018

@trishankkarthik Also, funny how journos defend “freedom of information” when it’s revenge porn targeting weak college girls, but not… speech.   Permalink 6:50 AM – 2 May 2018

@nntaleb Meanwhile, Social Media allows me to make reviewers accountable by exposing the READING COMPREHENSION problems for some reviewers. Reviews come and go, errors by reviewers stay.   ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 6:09 AM – 2 May 2018

@nntaleb Role of the Press: Represent citizens agst power, not exercize power over citizens. Press lost the role. Twitter allows CITIZENS like me to go against powers: Big Ag (Monsanto) Militarism & Saudi lobbies Social science/Academia BS Bankers & The Press!   Permalink 5:48 AM – 2 May 2018

@spyrosmakrid I am organizing a big competition (  ) with 100,000 to determine the relative accuracy of ML versus stat methods. If you do not believe the current paper wait until the end of May Permalink 5:38 AM – 2 May 2018

@nntaleb More and more details showing Charlatan Lynas (@mark_lynas) to be a shoddy character –from his reaction to any threat to the agri-chemical interests and his techniques to smear people & scientists.   Permalink 5:35 AM – 2 May 2018

@nntaleb Footnote in SKIN IN THE GAME, on how the Press will self-destruct because it is acting against its own public. Permalink 5:26 AM – 2 May 2018

@nntaleb Take-away from the Gawker episode: Most of the press sided w/Gawker vs citizens; citizens sided ag. Gawker. Severe agency problem: Press working against citizens! Agency Principle: doctor shd never side w/interests of his profession when they conflict w/those of patients. Permalink 5:18 AM – 2 May 2018

@jordantpine As someone who has often compared hundreds of product *surveys* to product *sales,* I can testify that this axiom from @nntaleb’s #skininthegame is unquestionably true. Permalink 5:20 PM – 1 May 2018

@SeloSlav @nntaleb’s growing popularity online, especially on Twitter, can be partially explained by the fact that he effectively channels the “esprit de NEET” at a God-tier level.   Permalink 4:41 PM – 1 May 2018

@naval Twitter is television for intellectuals. Permalink 9:19 PM – 30 Apr 2018

@nntaleb This is skin in the game   Permalink 10:28 AM – 30 Apr 2018

@MimeticValue He that writeth in blood and proverbs doth not want to be read, but learnt by heart. – Nietzsche If there’s one book from the past 50 years I wish to memorize by heart, it’s The Bed of Procrustes by @nntaleb.   Permalink 8:35 AM – 30 Apr 2018

@nntaleb The East Med Project is developing: My Hobby w/@PZalloua   Permalink 7:22 AM – 30 Apr 2018

@nntaleb This summarizes my entire message. Reflects what every risk taker with skin in the game will tell you. The exact opposite of the logic of BS vendors such as intrusive nudgeboys @R_Thaler, @CassSunstein & other klueless academic rent seekers. cc:@ole_b_peters Permalink 6:26 AM – 30 Apr 2018

@drjohnm Doctors not yet signed on as employees, please read Book 4 (Wolves Amoung Dogs) in @nntaleb Skin in the Game. It’s damning. Helps explain burnout. Cc @RogueRad Permalink 5:52 AM – 30 Apr 2018

@thackerpd Weedkiller found in granola and crackers, internal FDA emails show by @careygillam   Someone needs to explain to Tamar Haspel and her editors at @WaPoFood that this is what real journalism looks like. You use documents and interview toxicology experts. Permalink 5:44 AM – 30 Apr 2018

@normonics “the internal documents obtained by the Guardian show the FDA has had trouble finding any food that does not carry traces of the pesticide [glyphosate]”   Permalink 5:32 AM – 30 Apr 2018

@nntaleb The picture is horrible. But OK interview.   via @Esquire Permalink 4:48 AM – 30 Apr 2018

@nksky Money has very little to do with you being rich. Important aspect in your life but not the only one. @nntaleb via @maharasiya Permalink 8:20 PM – 29 Apr 2018

@nntaleb Have enemies; but make sure that they think about you much, much more than you think about them. Permalink 4:10 PM – 29 Apr 2018

@nntaleb It is also the North blindly copying the Mediterranean (olive oil, wine, civilization…)   Permalink 1:33 PM – 29 Apr 2018

@nntaleb A draft of my lecture at Darwin College, Cambridge summarizing all my ideas on Fat Tails without mathematics.   For comments. cc:@ole_b_peters ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 11:18 AM – 29 Apr 2018

@WeAreLebanon The colors of sunset in #Beirut By @migeal101 #WeAreLebanon Permalink 10:59 AM – 29 Apr 2018

@nntaleb Baddna n7ella: Kif bnéktob l-lebnéné (l-Ken3ané jdid)? El 8 amma gh? (ana bfaddél l gh lan khafféf l-nimràt) El š amma sh? (ana bfaddél l sh lan khafféf l-tén2it) Ba3d fi 2enna el “x” mush mista3mlé. Bin 7itta 3al 3, amma kh, amma 7? Badda jalsé!   Permalink 10:25 AM – 29 Apr 2018

@nntaleb The point, @jordanbpeterson isn’t Syria or nonSyria, it is a general rule: Avoid using twitter influence to spread material about something you know little or nothing about & can cause harm, such as Syria or systemic tail risks of genetic manipulations.   Permalink 7:15 AM – 29 Apr 2018

@Rainmaker1973 Graphical concept of the definition of sine and cosine   ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 6:44 AM – 29 Apr 2018

@SJosephBurns True wealth consists in: Worriless sleeping Clear conscience Reciprocal gratitude Absence of envy Good appetite Muscle strength Physical energy Frequent laughs No meals alone No gym classes Some physical labor No meeting rooms Periodic surprises – @nntaleb #SundayMorning Permalink 4:35 AM – 29 Apr 2018

@nntaleb 4) I do not derive my income from some philantropy or Paltreon where I have to act inspirational & suck up to a crowd of followers cutting me a charity check. I derive my income from financial & business activites in the real world. I don’t owe nothing to nobody. Permalink 7:04 AM – 28 Apr 2018

@nntaleb The imbecile doesn’t get that 1) My judgment of pple has NOTHING to do with whether they like my book 2) Social life, where relationships are nurtured, is for PRIVATE citizens, nothing to do with intellectual life bound to rigor/truth 3) Follow inspirational charlatans not me   Permalink 6:31 AM – 28 Apr 2018

@ektrit Retweeting this to explain Taleb @nntaleb again, seeing the tweet against Jordan Peterson, but I’m sure only few will understand FREE THINKING.   Permalink 5:59 AM – 28 Apr 2018

@nntaleb Time to upset the Arabists & linguists:   Permalink 5:53 AM – 28 Apr 2018

@nntaleb The wisdom of Salomon: he had to rule between two women both claiming to be the mother of an infant. By offering to split the child in half, he figured out who was the mother: she was the one who cared the most. She had more #SkinintheGame cc: @asymmetricinfo   Permalink 5:35 AM – 28 Apr 2018

@nntaleb I was told (but could not verify) that Syrian exports >30% higher than before the war. Factories are busy. If true, people are making things out of necessity. Overcompensation: the reverse of the Saudi disease. The press shows you pictures of war zones, not the rest.   Permalink 5:03 AM – 28 Apr 2018

@pravind_paul @nntaleb ‘s idea of neomania and how architects with no skin in the game design buildings they would never live in, and instead choose classical structures as their residence of choice   Permalink 1:30 AM – 28 Apr 2018

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