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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Black Swan Review |

Reader Alex passed along his recent The Black Swan book review. Why Do You Recommend This Book? The Black Swan made me realize that living a carefully planned out life is a mistake. I remember after I first read the book at the now-closed Borders on Michigan Ave in Chicago while I was still in law […]

SOUL IN THE GAME, Real World Risk, Rebellion, Voting to Destroy the Establishment | Facebook

Reader: “Dear N., I have read all your books and have a question. How do you recommend an average young man navigate the modern world? “. Me: “Never ask a vague question“. (3/13/16) —————- SOUL IN THE GAME & THE RISE OF PROTECTIONISM The rise of protectionism may have a strong rationale. One fundamental flaw […]

P-Values, Trump, Maximum Entropy Methods, Kahneman, Lindy Effect | Twitter

@nntaleb In addition to the metadistribution of p-values, a technique for large scale simulations via Radon-Nikodym deriv   Permalink 12:23 PM – 14 Mar 2016 @nntaleb Sicilian squid ink at Taormina in London. Permalink 6:29 AM – 14 Mar 2016 @nntaleb Some people, when they change language, if they don’t have an accent […]

Prostitution, Shillary Clinton, Fragilistas, Monsanto, Mandelbrot | Twitter

@nntaleb Overt Prostitution is the only form of prostitution that doesn’t desecrate sacred values, unlike lobbying etc. @DavisMets @Scruton_Quotes Permalink 2:41 PM – 6 Mar 2016 @nntaleb When things that shdn’t be sold are for sale: opinion, science, lobby, Shillary Clinton, sacred values are violated.   Permalink 1:09 PM – 6 Mar 2016 @nntaleb […]

Arabization, Umayyads, Professional Shills, Decision Theory, SITG, Monsanto, Socialites | Twitter

@nntaleb 2/2 Likewise Abbaside Califs favored settlement of Jews in Baghdad for Arabization because unlike Persians or Chaldeans, Jews were “Arabs”. Permalink 7:57 AM – 2 Mar 2016 @nntaleb Where we learn the Umayyads helped Jews settle in coastal Levant to displace Byzantines settlers/traders.(free PDF)   Permalink 7:51 AM – 2 Mar 2016 @nntaleb […]