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Health benefits from fasting that was NOT associated with reduction of calories.

Good news, but people in Medicine are a bit slow in getting the very notion of 2nd order effect /Jensen’s inequality and disentangling mentally the first from the 2nd order effect. Which is why few are getting Antifragile or the more general sensitivity to scale of a distribution. In the paper, Longo and associates saw […]

Friends, a chapter…

Friends, a chapter on medicine, for comments. Very controversial of course. Also, THANK YOU ALL, the book goes to production today. I am done! over the past 5 years, 1150 complete days ALONE in my library thinking about (anti)fragility and nonlinearity. via Friends, a chapter… | Facebook.

Any doctor in the room?

Any doctor in the room?JENSEN’S INEQUALITY IN MEDICINE CHAP 21I’ve found very few medical papers making use of nonlinearity by applying Jensen’s inequality to medical problems, in spite of the ubiquity of nonlinear responses in biology. I am generous, I actually only found a single one , thanks to Eric Briys, and a single one […]