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@nntaleb Feeding children w/fallacious stat reasoning: 75% of all inmates are dropouts ⇏ 75% of all dropouts become inmates.https://twitter.com/Brilliant_Ads/status/785236664721473536   Permalink 3:10 PM – 9 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Like Gadhafi, like Saddam. Presidential candidate Clinton says removing Assad in Syria is No. 1 priorityhttp://reut.rs/1MaTg7s   Permalink 11:01 AM – 9 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Where are the IYI “politically correct” warriors?https://twitter.com/holland_tom/status/785115749484494849   Permalink 7:05 AM – 9 Oct 2016

@nntaleb In Kiev, preparing to get drunk with Ukranians. Permalink 5:46 AM – 9 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Good point, but NYT has economists writing columns. That is far worse in BS than astrology.https://twitter.com/johnallenpaulos/status/784906881697316865   Permalink 5:25 PM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Imbecile Economist. Outing author who wants to stay private not the same as protecting citizens ag corporates/stateshttps://twitter.com/theeconomist/status/784648869640568832   Permalink 5:14 PM – 8 Oct 2016

@RaniaKhalek My favorite is Hillary Clinton calling anti-fracking environmental groups a Russian conspiracy #PodestaMailspic.twitter.com/FJaWauL7IH Permalink 12:11 AM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb There is no possible way on earth I will have an intellectual exchange w/man in sandals w/socks. My right to be closed minded. @VernonGlobal Permalink 4:06 PM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb RWRI 3 went great! Dense & humorous, w/ @yaneerbaryam @financequant RWRI 4 for Feb 6-10 http://www.realworldrisk.com  pic.twitter.com/crdUFRxODk Permalink 4:03 PM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb How I feel about IYIs: imagine nerdy professors in birkenstocks (with socks) playing mafiosi roles in a movie.https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/784844960726130688   Permalink 3:55 PM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Who is the most representative of the Intellectual Yet Idiot Class? Name names!https://medium.com/@nntaleb/the-intellectual-yet-idiot-13211e2d0577#.bmlfge57z   Permalink 12:56 PM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb “When she shouts that what you did is *unforgivable*,she has already started to forgive you”. Bed of Procrustes, p18https://twitter.com/asymmetricinfo/status/784805613922508800   Permalink 12:29 PM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb You forget Fannie Mae. There has never been more incompetent (decorated) person in history than IYI @JosephEStiglitz . Never. @GreekAnalyst Permalink 12:25 PM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb A generalized functions approach for distribution of sample correlations, Part 1. (Saturday relaxation after RWRI 3)pic.twitter.com/nWm5ByBf5O Permalink 10:22 AM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Thank you Saudi apologist neo-cons.https://twitter.com/BBCBreaking/status/784801357383499776   Permalink 10:15 AM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb An option trader can easily understand the nonsense in @FiveThirtyEight’s: he prices options without time value.https://twitter.com/Chris_arnade/status/782242957940391936   Permalink 4:35 AM – 8 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Gary Johnson.https://twitter.com/MaxAbrahms/status/784705827110289408   Permalink 4:28 AM – 8 Oct 2016

@alphabetsuccess Resist trying to impress your enemies. – NNTaleb #quote #wisdom #ThursdayThoughtspic.twitter.com/c22XBBI4Wr Permalink 1:47 PM – 6 Oct 2016

@GarthGodsman @byzantinepower Not every day you see the word theosis in a tweet Permalink 2:09 AM – 7 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Cardano @davidliebersonpic.twitter.com/TUHoPnmxS6 Permalink 5:03 PM – 6 Oct 2016

@VergilDen “Statistics isn’t about discovering correlations, it’s about eliminating coincidence.” @nntaleb @financequant #RWRI Permalink 9:10 AM – 6 Oct 2016

@nntaleb RWRI 3, day 4: Data can be used for DIS-confirmation. Power laws can be seen as the REJECTION of all other classes of models. @financequant Permalink 9:05 AM – 6 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Profs of pol “sience” are so dumb (e.g. @dandrezner) that their argument ag. dumb people voting applies to themhttp://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/10/dissecting-a-professors-argument-against-dumb-people-voting.html?mid=twitter-share-scienceofus   Permalink 6:08 AM – 6 Oct 2016

@gravity_levity My attempt to illustrate the main idea behind the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition, central to today’s Nobel prize http://www.ribbonfarm.com/2015/09/24/samuel-becketts-guide-to-particles-and-antiparticles/  pic.twitter.com/fP3Ji4BZmy Permalink 11:17 AM – 4 Oct 2016

@nntaleb RWRI 3, Yaneer Bar Yam explaining how things don’t average in complex systems #Antifragilepic.twitter.com/pJdJ9Fg87N Permalink 12:57 PM – 5 Oct 2016

@nntaleb I meant Julius Bassianus. Permalink 7:29 AM – 5 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Domna is from the Emesian aristocracy (now Homs), like Steve Job’s ancestors. Jacobus Barnaus.https://twitter.com/ticiaverveer/status/783664099695656960   Permalink 7:23 AM – 5 Oct 2016

@nntaleb I just published “Foreword to Ed Thorp’s Memoirs (A Man for All Markets)”https://medium.com/p/foreword-to-ed-thorps-memoirs-a-man-for-all-markets-6beba78cd2b   Permalink 5:47 PM – 4 Oct 2016

@nntaleb The “independence” of the media:https://youtu.be/E96lAHygeIU   Permalink 5:03 PM – 4 Oct 2016

@nntaleb As Cato (elder) said, better be asked why there is no statue honoring you than the reversehttps://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/783251194915454976   Permalink 5:27 AM – 4 Oct 2016

@nntaleb I wish a Nobel Prize to one of my economist enemies so he feels the insecurity of a pedestal. Permalink 3:23 AM – 4 Oct 2016

@byzantinepower You will be civilised on the day you can spend a long period doing nothing without feeling the slightest amount of guilt NN Taleb Permalink 3:00 AM – 4 Oct 2016

@byzantinepower Over the long term, you are more likely to fool yourself than others. NN Taleb Permalink 3:04 AM – 4 Oct 2016

@byzantinepower For a classicist, a competitive athlete is painful to look at; trying too hard to become an animal NN Taleb Permalink 3:08 AM – 4 Oct 2016

@byzantinepower Mental clarity is the child of courage NN Taleb Permalink 3:17 AM – 4 Oct 2016

@nntaleb REWRI 3, Day 1 in our new space. Raphael lecturing (http://Www.realworldrisk.com  )pic.twitter.com/7pUQYmxwNl Permalink 11:02 AM – 3 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Rederived from scratch distrib of correlation function for windows @WLTSchirano @DrCirillo @sapinker @alxpr1c3pic.twitter.com/2iDoBUW44i Permalink 6:19 PM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb The Megali Doxologia (Great Doxology) in Greco-Syrian. المَجْدَلَة الكُبْرَى / يوناني ـ عربيhttps://youtu.be/znL0c5C0-jo   Permalink 5:56 PM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb The reason is that no charlatan would willingly do anything that harms his reputation. Marker is costly signaling.https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/782658001668870149   Permalink 4:01 PM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Point is: NO charlatan would do anything that harms his reputation. It is a marker, what’s called costly signaling. Kapish? @BrianePagel Permalink 3:56 PM – 2 Oct 2016

@IrritatedNimby @lord9h @nntaleb Hayek on Talebpic.twitter.com/FKkkMRwUUW Permalink 2:31 PM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Simple heuristic: treat public intellectuals as BSvendors except those who hold unpopular opinions,expose frauds, take risks, curse publicly Permalink 12:06 PM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Forward for Ed Thorp’s memoir. Comments/Corrections welcome. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50282823/Foreword%20Thorp.pdf   Permalink 11:16 AM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Actually problem w/@sapinker is worse:paper shows that,if anything,we underestimated violence. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1609.02369.pdf   @alxpr1c3 @DrCirillo Permalink 8:29 AM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb LATEST: Prof Spagat has retracted his claim that F14a was wrong; he said he made an error. Pinker shd learn from him. @DrCirillo @sapinker Permalink 8:13 AM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Getting arithmetic wrong. Tax loss carryover means one has paid taxes in past for profits later lost/or reverse.https://twitter.com/ianbremmer/status/782569967933853696   Permalink 6:20 AM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Very inefficient. Can’t believe liberals could be pro-Saudi Arabia, pro-Wahabis, pro large corps/globabilization, anti artisans! @neilchriss Permalink 6:16 AM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Pasquale, the point is not about theories/data, but elementary stats. What would you w/someone who can’t read an…ACF?@DrCirillo @sapinker Permalink 6:14 AM – 2 Oct 2016

@Nour_Samaha Dear @katieforster, I’m assuming this is your first foray in the #Syria issue. I suggest you do some research firstpic.twitter.com/T45JhOjXOb Permalink 5:52 AM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Keep trying Pinker boy, keep trying! @sapinkerpic.twitter.com/cw4HslcED0 Permalink 5:05 AM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Get off twitter.https://twitter.com/Hanifkureishi/status/779951411538919424   Permalink 4:18 AM – 2 Oct 2016

@nntaleb John Durant has an explanation. Also explain Halal against eating pigs! @bitstein @johndurantpic.twitter.com/CShb8o6MXG Permalink 1:46 PM – 1 Oct 2016

@nntaleb (for mammals) Permalink 1:31 PM – 1 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Is there a rule that we humans eat almost exclusively herbivores? Is it the reason we domesticate cats, dogs, things we don’t eat? Curious. Permalink 1:30 PM – 1 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Much more colorful than my approach to bankers/economists.https://twitter.com/byzantinepower/status/782303266797330432   Permalink 12:41 PM – 1 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Why laws in societies come from the minority rule: A probabilistic argument.pic.twitter.com/nh3yALVZzu Permalink 7:04 AM – 1 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Another way to see it: Mix white w/dark blue. The result in any combination>2-5% is never light blue, but dark blue.https://medium.com/@nntaleb/the-most-intolerant-wins-the-dictatorship-of-the-small-minority-3f1f83ce4e15#.o50wvemav   Permalink 6:04 AM – 1 Oct 2016

@nntaleb Neocons. More to come.https://twitter.com/MaxAbrahms/status/782202283849285632   Permalink 5:57 AM – 1 Oct 2016

@nntaleb If someone showed you articles abt Trump, you would have estimated that polls ~0% (just wife & butler voting for him). The press is dying. Permalink 5:56 AM – 1 Oct 2016

@nntaleb The cluelessness of @anneapplebaum: like a detail-oriented assistant-plumber expounding on statistical mechanics.https://twitter.com/BryanAppleyard/status/782182348498604032   Permalink 5:21 AM – 1 Oct 2016