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Monthly Archives: August 2017

The insidious racism of Mary Beard and the “diversity” operators | Medium

The insidious racism of Mary Beard and the “diversity” operators The diversity discourse appears to serve an insidious form of racism and Northern Euro supremacist agenda (with a redefinition of the Western world and a reframing of the classics). Please stop classifying people according to race, and stop creating racial stereotypes and divisions in the […]

Homeopathy, Monsanto, Tesla, Mary Beard, Haplogroup, GMOs, Middle East Institute, Damore, Pigliucci, Mike Duncan | Twitter

@Helsingor Happy Rûm day to @byzantium1200, @byzantinepower, @byzyeileen, @nntaleb, @CryForByzantium and all of Byzantine twitter.   Permalink 2:06 PM – 16 Aug 2017 @nntaleb Homeopathy is useful PRECISELY because it doesn’t work. Can homeopathy can HELP the NHS?   via @MailOnline Permalink 12:32 PM – 16 Aug 2017 @mjd1735 BBC News – Awamiya: Inside […]

The One Video to Watch on Climate, If You Have Just 3 Minutes

A project by Rupert Read who coauthored ‘Climate models and precautionary measures‘ with NNT (among others).

Quand les chrétiens du Liban ont-ils commencé à parler français ? | Medium

L’idée reçue actuelle (donnée par des « experts » en relations internationales) veut que les chrétiens du Liban se seraient mis à parler français à partir de la période de « colonialisme français » — tout comme les habitants du Maghreb. Mais la France n’a gouverné le Liban que durant deux décennies, suite à la défaite des […]

Something is Broken in the UK Intellectual Sphere | Medium

The BBC did some kind of educational cartoon on Roman Britain and represented “diversity” in terms of someone looking African in the show as representative of “diversity” at the time. The BBC was effectively applying quotas retroactively (I mean, really retroactively). Any dissent from the statistical errors made by the politically correct police is treated […]