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The One Video to Watch on Climate, If You Have Just 3 Minutes

A project by Rupert Read who coauthored ‘Climate models and precautionary measures‘ with NNT (among others).

Our statement on climate models…

Our statement on climate models (Joseph Norman, Rupert Read, Yaneer Bar-Yam). We have *only one* planet and need to learn to live with imperfection of models. Source: Timeline Photos – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Rupert Read and I wrote a short piece on religion…

Rupert Read and I wrote a short piece on religion as conveyor of intergenerational convex heuristics. Instead of putting technical stuff we just conveyed results from “Silent Risk”. Religion, Heuristics, and Intergenerational Risk Management · Econ Journal Watch: Risk… This article does not concern what might be termed ‘the religious side of religion’ (each […]