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Where at a reception, I am caught “running after the man with the tulsi aur kali mirch ka paneer tikka”. #ETGBS
2:44 PM – 29 Jan 2016

Worth investigating; extremely worhty of investigation.
2:39 PM – 29 Jan 2016

Delhi #ETGBS. Best tasting bread with ghee, unexplainably good. Indian made wine.
2:24 PM – 29 Jan 2016

Does someone known the name of the biologist who orchestrated the smear campaign against E.O. Wilson?
1:12 PM – 29 Jan 2016

Ken Wilson wrote a great SciAm article (1979) on the renormalization group and the failure of averaging
5:44 AM – 29 Jan 2016

God invented a time-consuming activity known as Golf so people who don’t read book don’t read bad books.
12:24 PM – 29 Jan 2016

#ETGBS Mckinsey’s bigboss: corps have shorter life in SP500. My interpretation: counters theories of inequality.
5:42 AM – 29 Jan 2016

.@RichardDawkins knows this 10 yrs (I spoke w him). He should acknowledge error, EO Wilson changed sides. @IGUZM4N @nntaleb @GeorgeShiber
5:02 PM – 28 Jan 2016

6e) This is why you need a different function for fattaileddist for positive/negative x, glued together. @normonics
5:09 PM – 28 Jan 2016

6c) Patched function is when you use f(x) = something for x<0, somethingelse for x >=0, or \times Sgn[x] etc. @normonics
4:56 PM – 28 Jan 2016

Mathematicians believe argument is closed: Dawkins as journo has journo friends as shown by article by @mattwridley. Journos lag. @dpodbori
4:49 PM – 28 Jan 2016

Donaldo, winning debates & winning the election are, as Fat Tony wd say “two different tings”. Kapish? #antifragile
4:26 PM – 28 Jan 2016

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