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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Lindy Effect, GMOs, Shills, Solar Energy, Pope Francis |Twitter @nntaleb

NNT has been VERY busy on Twitter lately. This is just a sampling from the last few days. Usually but not always, I select Tweets that include links to additional information. ANSWER: Every loss of crop raises total ruin 100 fold. Halving crops raises total […]

Sorry to distract you with this [removable] post. But watch the smear campaign against me in response to the PP paper by Monsanto and incompetent Ketchum copywriter: It did not hit them that I AM a cancer survivor, and changed “despise those who boast” to despise cancer survivors”. Also look at the fake student evaluations… […]

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: How to Live in a World we Don’t Understand (2013)

I think I missed posting this previously. And if you’re an audio person, here’s a somewhat optimized mp3.  

GMO Propagandists, Scotland GMOs, Aramaic-Syriac, Salafi Fundamentalism, Ralph Nader | Twitter @nntaleb How to engage Monsanto shills, version 2. — NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) August 9, 2015 Scotland invoking the Precautionary Principle for GMOs. Our paper….… — NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) August 9, 2015 Finally, after summer school, can communicate in the language of Christ (Aramaic-Syriac). Now back to probability. — […]


NO WORSHIP WITHOUT SACRIFICE (Skin in the Game) This is a picture of a church altar in Maaloula (St Sergius/Mar Sarkis) I saw a few decades ago, with a striking feature: it has a drain for blood. This altar came from a reconverted pagan temple used by early Christians. Pre Nicea (4th C) Christians recycled […]