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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Continuing on the rationality-as-survival point…

Continuing on the rationality-as-survival point, there is a confusion when it comes to “rationality” of a decision between the *reduced* and the *structural* form, and the *static* and *dynamic* form: + a single decision vs. a RULE generating a sequence of decisions. One decision can be rational while the rule is not. It would be […]


NIETZSCHE. I keep saying that there is no rigorous way to define rationality, except a risk-management one: “what prevents you or your species from extinction”, the foundation of our Precautionary Principle. All other definitions fail under rigorous formalizations and model expansion (for instance, see proofs in Chapter 6 in Silent Risk, most stuff called “irrational” […]

The fewer the number of gods… The fewer the number of gods, the less trained a society in managing ambiguity: Paganism > Christianity > Monotheism >Salafism > Atheism.

This is a one-page answer as the journalist-passing-for-scientist Pinker…

This is a one-page answer as the journalist-passing-for-scientist Pinker has been working the press to show that violence has “dropped” since 1945, citing political science bloggers innocent of fat tails, who seem clueless about the difference between data and information. How to separate anecdote from evidence, sampling error from truth, journalism from science? Well there […]


SAUDILEAKS It is now safe to say that about anyone who ever said anything remotely favorable (or nonnegative) about the Wahabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was getting paid for it. Prostitutes. This post isn’t about Saudi Arabia; rather about the purchase and sale of public “opinion”. Source: Facebook