Here is a question on exercise for the naturalistic experts…

Here is a question on exercise for the naturalistic experts such as Guru Anaerobic and others about muscle tension, “knots” and matters that require curative intervention.

When you lift heavy weights, you tend to develop “knots” in some areas, painful lumps of muscle fibers, the result of an uneven sudden tension. My personal experience: clean and pressing and deadlifting produce these painful spots in the hamstrings and the gluteus medius. These require rubbing, massage, and other remedies that seems unnatural. The scientific literature is vague on “trigger points” and similar ailments, along with the remedies. Now why does modern life require the unnatural massage? Is it because we no longer sit/sleep on hard surfaces and uneven hard surfaces would normally squeeze these lumps and reestablish circulation, dissolve the “trigger points” or “knots”? Ot is it because episodic weightlifting is too unnatural?
Thanks for whatever ideas you may have, but this is mainly a question for the experienced “barbell” weighlifters who, from the discussion of Brassens’s weightlifting, seem to be numerous on this page.

via Here is a question on exercise for the… – Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

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  1. Edvin David Lemus

    This is good advice on how to stay healthy, but the underlying ideas too me are sound. But of course one can have catastrophic problems, this is when one visits the Doktor. Say, you have cardio problems, and you visit the Doktor and he recommends a Stent rather than a Heart tranplant (perhaps too busy watering his garden) why of course you’ll probably take his advice, rather than going to joe regular.. This is a problem of erudition, and qulity of knowledge, and you’re probably better off with the Doktor. Of course I recommend paleo and infrequent exercise to express the will to life of persons. Anyway enjoy the New Year, and stay healthy friends.

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