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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Why more news means more noise, not more signal…

Why more news means more noise, not more signal -Technical derivations. Ignore the math and see that the st arrives to the desktop. We need strong filtering. The Noise Bottleneck or How Noise Explodes Faster than Data(pdf) via Why more news means more noise, not more… – Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Facebook.

Craig Venter & Nassim Taleb Twitter 8/28/13

This is a conversation I only hoped would ever happen. Not because I have a vested interest in either outcome, but because I realize the stakes are so high that it would take minds like these to come to a meaningful understanding. For background please read recent NYT article Golden Rice: Lifesaver?  Link to Twitter […]

The Antifragile Diet | Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan

Not exactly but… Great to see NNT’s concepts making their way into the mainstream.HatTip to Pradeep But this lack of flexibility and the fact that every transgression is a strike against you, make dieting an unsustainable proposition for most people. So what’s the alternative? Is there an antifragile way of losing weight? The alternative approach […]

Live Like a Hydra — Better Humans | Medium

Article was retweeted by NNT #5 An antifragile way of life An antifragile way of life is all about finding a way to gain from the inevitable disorder of life. To not only bounce back when things don’t go as planned, but to get stronger, smarter, and better at continuing as a result of running […]

Friends, let us look for heuristics to not be turkeys…

Friends, let us look for heuristics to not be turkeys.In the eyes of the nonspecialist, the marketer good at BS could more easily pass for a specialist than the real specialist Plato. This extends beyond the confidence game: In a highly random environment, the link cause-effect is blurred and in large corporations the fake who […]