THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE IS CONVEX. Recall that pulmonary ventilators (for patients with weak or sick lungs) are more effective if one varies the intensity (x+dx, x-dx instead of the constant previously assumed optimal x). Also recall that convexity (Jensen’s inequality, antifragility) is a general rule in natural settings rather than the exception.

It just hit me that the most pleasant temperature could not be a constant; it has to fluctuate accordingly to some degree of volatility. Temperature should not be fixed as in air-conditioned environments. I am now sitting in a room with a gentle intermittent breeze and the wind-adjusted temperature is dancing around the perfect spot. It is ideal for sleeping… Our bodies like to be confronted to variations, as if they were teased by nature.

via THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE IS CONVEX…. – Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Facebook.

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