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Stragegy to deal with academic smear campaign…

Stragegy to deal with academic smear campaign and figure detect technical mistakes in my work, or substantive problems with it.

1) Find academics who are commenting on Antifragile and TBS with bitterness, and possible envy.

2) Send them academic version of backup work (which is referenced in books and they should have read before commenting).

3) Make them produce technical comments on flaws (they are spreading damaging information after all). If they find mistakes, I am a winner as I can improve the works. If they can’t produce a technical comment on a remark which they made using their status *as academic*, then they are in trouble, for an academic is not a journalist and is supposed to not produce pure bullshit or shout his incompetence publicly. Anything an academic writes on a public domain is there for life.

I am fed up with academics who bullshit about my work without engaging substantive issues with it. I want my core points to be engaged.

Let us see the result with one Teppo Fillin. Who knows we might learn something.

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