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SKIN IN THE GAME AND TRAFFIC – I was driving on a highway (rare) when it hit me that the system is mega-mega-fragile, the smallest distraction on the part of a single person can cause a cascade of fatalities. But such accidents are (relatively) rare. The system mainly works because everyone involved has skin in the game. Literally, everyone. The risk mitigator is people’s exposure.

I do not want drones on the road.

Note 1- There are large trucks on the highways, and large vehicles in which the driver could cause harm than he could receive; as in a pecking order the smaller vehicles tend to give way. I was driving a small mini and got no respect from large vehicles.

Note 2- I recall seing, during the Lebanese war, Syrian tanks in Beirut systematically trampling over parked cars, not even bothering to pay attention to what was on the road — the drivers in the tanks were shielded from physical and legal harm.

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