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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder’ by Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Arts – The Boston Globe

Taleb has a very important role in a society where it isn’t always easy to tell science from pseudoscience — even at the university level. There is so much dogma passing as “objective truth” in the sciences, and there are so many so-called forecasters who get things wrong over and over again without being held […]

The press is making us mistake a mouse for an elephant…

The press is making us mistake a mouse for an elephant, and an elephant for a mouse. Today, in the U.S., many more people are dying from overfeeding than underfeeding, many more people are killed by excessive comfort than discomfort, and for all the evil of the gun lobby, firearms harm much, much fewer people […]

Stabilization Won’t Save Us –

Stabilization, of course, has long been the economic playbook of the United States government; it has kept interest rates low, shored up banks, purchased bad debts and printed money. But the effect is akin to treating metastatic cancer with painkillers. It has not only let deeper problems fester, but also aggravated inequality. Bankers have continued […]


REPETITIVE SOUL INJURY. If you feel more comfortable looking at trees outside the window in spite of their “mess” than at the well-organized smooth and regular structures inside the room, then you are psychologically convex to some types of variations straight from Jensen’s Inequality, the fractal ones –hence antifragile. And we can generalize to the […]

Friends, thank you for a wonderful year…

Friends, thank you for a wonderful year of discussions, insights, moods, and impressions. I cannot be grateful enough for what I owe the regular contributors on this site. Happy holidays for all of you. via Friends, thank you… | Facebook.