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REPETITIVE SOUL INJURY. If you feel more comfortable looking at trees outside the window in spite of their “mess” than at the well-organized smooth and regular structures inside the room, then you are psychologically convex to some types of variations straight from Jensen’s Inequality, the fractal ones –hence antifragile. And we can generalize to the difference between “organized” textbook-like lectures and rich conversation and fractal writing. Anything that bores you belongs to a class of linear, information-poor, reduced information …Did it ever hit you that natural settings are never ugly? Paradoxically we seem to rest better under some type of natural “mess”. My eye gets more solace looking at the “messy” Christmas tree rather than the smooth wall next to it.
We can generalize to life; just as we get repetitive stress injuries doing well-organized movements, our soul gets repetitive stress injury when deprived of fractal depth.

PS- Consider book that have survived, from the “messy” bible to Montaigne’s essays: depth has these non-businessbook-like attributes. Which is why when I was told about Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan “your books are fun to read BUT disorganized” I understood fun to read BECAUSE disorganized or fractally organized.

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