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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Nassim Taleb Is Angry That Not Even John Gotti Got Paid As Much As JPM’s Ina Drew | ZeroHedge

ZeroHedge weighs in. Taleb also touches on something we have been arguing for since 2009, namely that if banks are to expect bail outs whenever they blow up, they should be treated as utilities, with full caps on comp, net income, and earnings. To wit: “Banks are utilities. I don’t understand why we’ve been bailing […]


There’s more. See it at NNT’s Facebook page, linked below. NOISE AND SIGNAL THE INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF NEUROTICISM Imagine someone of the type we call neurotic in common parlance. He is wiry, looks contorted, and speaks with an uneven voice. His necks moves around when he tries to express himseld. When he has a small pimple […]

Nassim Taleb – The Banker’s Scam – BBC Newsnight

BBC Newsnight invited NNT on to discuss the recent JP Morgan $3B investment loss fiasco. “Friends, thanks to Ktenneh’s help we have this statement of exasperation with the bankers’ scam.”

We now have a name…

We now have a name, iatrogenics, for when someone (say a doctor) causes harm while trying to help. But there is still no word for the situation of someone who ends up helping while trying to cause harm. via We now have a name,… | Facebook.

Every plane crash…

Every plane crash makes the next one less likely; every bank crash makes the next one more probable. via Every plane crash… | Facebook.