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The Merchandising of Virtue | Medium

Hence the principle: If your private life conflicts with your intellectual opinion, it cancels your intellectual ideas, not your private life and If your private actions do not generalize then you cannot have general ideas This is not strictly about ethics, but information transfer. If a car salesman tries to sell you a Detroit car […]

P Values, Deadlift, Precautionary Principle, Trump, Virtue, Kapish?

@nntaleb In high frequ quant finance we use >10^6 data points & nobody knows pvalue. Psychologists trying to get away with 10   Permalink 7:02 PM – 6 Apr 2016 @nntaleb Normal humans can learn from Iraq and Lybia. Journalism became the last refuge for those with brain defects.   Permalink 6:56 PM – 6 […]

Something a bit bothersome about Cato the Ancient…

Something a bit bothersome about Cato the Ancient and the Romans in general (as compared to the Greeks).Plutarch’s biography of Cato Maior presents a no-nonsense man of strong moral commitments, the embodiment of the ancient man of virtue –in addition to his no-bullshit approach to things he detected the charlatanism of ancient doctors. But Plutarch […]

We have always…

We have always failed replacing vice with virtue, and succeeded replacing vice with lesser vice. via We have always… | Facebook.