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Nassim Taleb Exposes The World’s “Intellectual-Yet-Idiot” Class | Zero Hedge

Full article: Nassim Taleb Exposes The World’s “Intellectual-Yet-Idiot” Class Indeed one can see that these academico-bureaucrats wanting to run our lives aren’t even rigorous, whether in medical statistics or policymaking. They cant tell science from scientism?—?in fact in their eyes scientism looks more scientific than real science. (For instance it is trivial to show the […]

Taleb On “Skin In The Game” And His Disdain For Public Intellectuals | Zero Hedge

I have the ReasonTV interview earlier on the blog. But in case you were wondering what Zero Hedge thought of it… Nassim Taleb sits down for a quite extensive interview based around his new book Anti-Fragile. Whether the Black Swan best-seller is philosopher or trader is up to you but the discussion is worth the […]