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The problem with Big Data…

The problem with Big Data that all these consultants/proponents are not getting: you cannot separate the statistical problem from the researcher’s incentive (convex payoff, like an option). From the many angry responses, it seems that these big data people seem to be years, many years behind… via The problem with… | Facebook.

Beware the Big Errors of ‘Big Data’ | Wired Opinion |

And speaking of genetics, why haven’t we found much of significance in the dozen or so years since we’ve decoded the human genome? Well, if I generate by simulation a set of 200 variables — completely random and totally unrelated to each other — with about 1,000 data points for each, then it would be […]

The Surprising Truth: Technology Is Aging in Reverse |

In general, the older the technology, not only is it expected to last longer – but the more certainty I can attach to such a statement. Here’s the key principle: I am not saying that all technologies don’t age, only that those technologies that were prone to aging are already dead. It is precisely because […]