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Commonsense ideas behind Taleb’s rhetorical flourishes |

At the national level, the system is more fragile. One tall tower is more likely to fall in a storm than a lawn of grass. This leads to Taleb’s contention that US federal debt is the most fragile of all, and should be decentralised, because default is unthinkable. Hence, “I’m kind of happy with what’s […]

Nassim Taleb mp3 Audio Added

Note that you can find posts that have audio or video in them by clicking on their Category in the right side bar.Using a site I found that extracts audio from YouTube videos (this one actually works) I’m able to add some more audio files. I attached them to their individual video posts but […]

In Search of the Writer-Philosopher: N.N. Taleb « David L.

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Taleb decried Academia, and Finance, the two being intimately connected. The former he rebuked because it was teaching all of the wrong things in the vulgar act of moneymaking—business; the latter for obvious reasons, being t…

Nassim Taleb in Congress warning on Stimulus, and Hyperinflation

This must have fallen off the site when I switched to WordPress. It’s from September, 2009.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Angry

Nassim Nicholas Taleb angry with economists. The interviewer was just a journalist clueless about his ideas but he got them across anyway by …