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Relation to the curse of dimensionality, etc. @nntaleb Not surprised – Eric Holder Returns as Hero to Law Firm That Lobbies for Big Banks by @lhfang — Angel Armendariz (@vonarmen_angel) July 6, 2015 A simple explanation of the explosive errors, found connection to curse of dim J’ACCUSE: Louise Mensch exposes the lack of due process & mendacity in […]

Let us generalize beyond UCL…

Let us generalize beyond UCL: Arbitrary destruction of reputations turns people into slaves. A society of administrators and insecure, reputation-vulnerable laborers creates a dystopian society managed by the lowest common denominator, in which all the gains in legal sophistication vanish, turning people into pure slaves, no longer independent, fearful of opening their mouths, terrorized byf […]

Tim Hunt was making a self deprecating joke.

Well, it turned out from leaked transcripts that Tim Hunt was making a self deprecating joke. No apologies yet. And of course no application of the principle of charity. Two things. First, one really needs to be independent to open one’s mouth and avoid falling prey to a bunch of mob misinterpreting what you are […]