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Albert Tarantola, Slowthinkers, Monsanto, Macrobullshit, Microbullshit | Twitter

@nntaleb The late Albert Tarantola wrote the entry. His book on Inverse problem statistics is free: http://www.ipgp.fr/~tarantola/Files/Professional/Books/index.html   pic.twitter.com/DA2nb0DXt1 Permalink 2:52 PM – 31 Mar 2016

@nntaleb I discovered today that psychologists “statisticians” & other slowthinkers are not familiar Inverse Problems. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/InverseProblem.html   Permalink 2:44 PM – 31 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Turns out Scientific American @sciam is a Monsanto shill! This is the worst damage to the core of scientific trust! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/monsanto-scientific-american_us_56fc41d7e4b083f5c606a649   Permalink 11:28 AM – 31 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Anyway coming up with a theorem and will let Lakens boy argue with the theorem. @deaneckles @CookieSci @JoeHilgard @lakens Permalink 11:20 AM – 31 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Things are starting to be funning with the replicating goons: The “power” of a test is a random variable. pic.twitter.com/CDrWQh8MSB Permalink 10:26 AM – 31 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Monsanto’s media machine comes to Washington http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/monsanto-scientific-american_us_56fc41d7e4b083f5c606a649   via @HuffPostPol Permalink 8:30 AM – 31 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Bullshit https://twitter.com/lakens/status/715398204494221314   Permalink 5:24 AM – 31 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Another one in a Donaldo denial. https://twitter.com/Limeylizzie/status/715339307574292480   Permalink 8:01 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Daily expression of hope that Donaldo is NOT for real, just “temporary”. Yet to me Laura is top 3 jrns in the world. https://twitter.com/lrozen/status/715359302567993346   Permalink 7:11 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Ahamm te3li2 ijitne min wa2t tawil. Lani7faz turasna w aslna. https://twitter.com/menleben/status/715358032411107328   Permalink 7:04 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Ahamm shi la bilad shem nitrok el lijneh el 3arabiye, nsour mitl Malta samiyyin bass b3ad 3an el 3arab. Sh3b tene. Ne7na Aramyiyye Permalink 6:55 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Lishano siryoyo ma7zito d’omto d ilan r7imto Permalink 6:43 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Mr @lakens take your time to explain why since my eq. 1 is so trivially know why didn’t you use it in your Open Science replication project? Permalink 2:42 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Per measurement not per ensemble of measurements @gvpathi Permalink 1:50 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Mathematical results have a p=0, physics overall p< 10^-10, negative empiricism/logic p=0, the rest are largely bullshit, prefer humanities. Permalink 1:33 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Latest version is here http://fooledbyrandomness.com/pvalues.pdf   https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/715269562862804994   Permalink 1:11 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb P-Value paper now ~ cleared through the “was done before” trolls: we have an exact metadist and p-hacking bias. pic.twitter.com/uc18mhd493 Permalink 1:08 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb This paper has every single error, missing that in-sample measure of extreme events is downward biased. https://twitter.com/carney/status/715258655017418754   Permalink 12:33 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@chaslutz @DrFrankWilson @EconTalker I hate CAF too, but this is bad stats as @nntaleb has said: right comparison is to burglaries PREVENTED by police Permalink 12:28 PM – 30 Mar 2016

@nntaleb It is easier to macrobullshit than microbullshit: for the news ignore geopolitics & finance journos; only crime reporters know theit stuff Permalink 10:04 AM – 30 Mar 2016

@TalebBot Executive programs allow us to watch people who have never worked lecturing those who have never pondered. Permalink 7:20 PM – 29 Mar 2016

@MaxAbrahms Was the pounding the Syrian & Russian militaries handed ISIS in Palmyra a big PR stunt as described in the media? Permalink 4:08 PM – 29 Mar 2016

@nntaleb At the bottom, psychologists want to be treated as “scientists”. Alas, in my world they don’t exist. @Blacklabellogic @GordPennycook @lakens Permalink 2:49 PM – 29 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Frankly I don’t consider psychological handwaving as a source of rigorous mathematical results @GordPennycook @lakens Permalink 1:53 PM – 29 Mar 2016

@nntaleb When someone is looking for antecedents for a result, announcing “this is what I teach my undergrads” when isn’t true. @Heinonmatti @lakens Permalink 3:09 AM – 29 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Daniel Lakens, your behavior w.r.t. antecedence is silly, unscientific, & ignorant. @lakens @AndrewPGrieve Permalink 3:00 AM – 29 Mar 2016

@nntaleb Mediterraneans fast, eat no breakfast, small dinner, and walk up down hills. Diet studies aren’t rigorous. https://twitter.com/erlesen/status/714577237459210240   Permalink 3:22 PM – 28 Mar 2016