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Fortune Cookie Science, SITG, Richard Dawkins, 2016, Squid Ink, Minority Rule

FORTUNE-COOKIE SCIENCE (Facebook), definition: an understanding of science, probability & rationality obtained via slogans of the type found in Chinese restaurants’ fortune cookies, particularly easy to spread on the web. The other night at a party. (Facebook) “How do your books differ from those of [X]?”. Me: “I don’t know I don’t often read contemporary […]

E.O. Wilson, Nowak et al. wrote a paper on altruism…

E.O. Wilson, Nowak et al. wrote a paper on altruism that triggered a huge angry reaction (particularly by science journalists Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins). The paper (linked) contained words with a mathematical backup. More than 100 biologists signed a petition asking for retraction. And the math was not remotely addressed. Yet if the paper […]