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I am Nassim Nicholas Taleb Ask Me Anything on Options and other Nonlinear Derivatives 6/5/15

NNT did an AMA on Reddit yesterday. I’ve collected his responses in this post. You can see the entire exchange here. [–]nntaleb   Indeed. ATM drops faster, OTM rises. The same idea of shadow theta. Also project that the delta will go lower over time. [–]nntaleb   I wish you both luck and patience. [–]nntaleb   1) These […]

IAm Nassim Taleb, author of Antifragile, AMA : IAmA

top 200 commentssorted by:best[–]vfp15 61 points 13 days agoAre there cases where Skin-In-The-Game is the wrong heuristic?Should judges, jurors, and prosecutors have skin in the game?Also, the whole idea behind corporations “personnes morales” in French is to remove skin from the game. This has made possible large scale enterprises. Isn’t this a good thing?And thanks […]