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Saudi Barbarian, Syriac-Aramaic, Gawker, Minority Rule, RIP Mohammed Ali, Amioun, Omidyar, Peter Thiel | Twitter

@nntaleb In a Saudi Barbarian air lounge (no food as they would poison me): C prince to discuss killing minorities in Permalink 5:36 PM – 13 Jun 2016 @nntaleb Press has conflict of interest w/public. NYT eulogy Gawker’s General Counsel when it is a Scum job in Scum company.   Permalink 5:15 PM – […]

Syria, Minority Rule, An Ounce of Algebra, The Null Hypothesis | Twitter

@nntaleb Mr Lakens, please kindly show where my equations were “discovered” in that paper and explain the claim of “re-invented” p-value. @lakens Permalink 2:19 AM – 26 Mar 2016 @nntaleb Is it me or a Kafkaesque absurdity? Europe allows Saudi Barbaria to teach/promote Salafi hatred in cities while locally”fighting” terrorism. Permalink 3:59 PM – 25 […]

One Bank, The Clinton System, Erudition, Minority Rule, SITG | Facebook

My Bank of England Seminar will be webcast.…/…/seminars/180216.aspx PDF of slides (temporary)…/BoE2016.pptx-show.pdf One Bank Flagship Seminar by Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Tail Risk Measurement Heuristics | Bank of… Date: Thursday 18 February 2016Time: 4.15-6pmVenue: Moorgate Auditorium, 20… ———- Hillary Monsanto-Malmaison and husband (sort of) Bill Clinton represent the reverse skin of the game, […]

Fortune Cookie Science, SITG, Richard Dawkins, 2016, Squid Ink, Minority Rule

FORTUNE-COOKIE SCIENCE (Facebook), definition: an understanding of science, probability & rationality obtained via slogans of the type found in Chinese restaurants’ fortune cookies, particularly easy to spread on the web. The other night at a party. (Facebook) “How do your books differ from those of [X]?”. Me: “I don’t know I don’t often read contemporary […]