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Nassim Taleb’s Musings On Facebook – Business Insider

Taleb’s Facebook — which boasts 33,000+ followers — is truly a must-like for anyone interested in success, failure, Brooklyn, the modern condition, philosophy, the sordid state of journalism, or all of the above. Here are Taleb’s 35 most important observations. Each is a quote. The artificial gives us hangovers, the natural inverse-hangovers. The only problem […]

Sunday Times The Bed of Procrustes Review

The Sunday Time’s Robert Collins wrote a review of The Bed of Procrustes. It’s behind a paywall but NNT was kind enough to make it available from his site. Here’s a direct pdf download link. And thanks to Dave Lull for letting me know. Here’s an excerpt: The likes of Facebook, though, get his epistemological […]

The Black Swan Report

Update 8/11/10 Turns out one need only be logged in to Twitter to see NNT’s tweets. It does appear the RSS feed is also login protected. Update 8/8/10 It would appear NNT has “protected” his tweets. Not sure what that means exactly. There is the option to Send Request. Never seen that before. It looks […]

nntaleb: Experimenting with 2-way dialogue on

nntaleb: Experimenting with 2-way dialogue on