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Antifragility | NECSI

The program will include lessons from Taleb’s current research and his New York Times bestseller Antifragile, including:
How to spot fragility
What antifragility is
Why it is better to be antifragile than smart
How not to mistake a cat for a washing machine
Heuristics and rules to simplify life and decision making
These will be paired with insights from Yaneer Bar-Yam’s current research and book Making Things Work, drawing upon case studies from financial markets, healthcare, systems engineering, the military, and other topics. Lessons include:
What complexity is Ways to recognize and use important patterns in a complex world How to harness the power of self-organization to be naturally antifragile
How to assess the metaview
Global risks, cascading crises, and the “new normal”Participants will be part of an open discussion and will leave with tools relevant to their organizations.

Source: Antifragility | NECSI