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The New Cavemen Lifestyle Has Found a Home in the City – NYTimes.com

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HatTip to Dave Lull.
Context is the Paleo Diet.
I first read about Taleb’s approach to health and fitness in this interview he did with Tim Penn. http://knackeredhack.com/2007/05/15/caveman-lunch-with-taleb/

“New York is the only city in America where you can walk,” said Nassim Taleb, an investor who gained a measure of celebrity for his theories, described in “The Black Swan,” that extreme events can roil financial markets. “People treat walking like exercise,” he said, “but walking is how humans become humans.”

Mr. Taleb, who rejects the label “caveman” in favor of “paleo,” avoids offices (including his own) as much as he can. He prefers to think on the go. Dressed in a tweed coat and Italian loafers, this paleo man is a flâneur, sometimes walking miles a day, ranging from SoHo to 86th Street.