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nntaleb: Why did the CRISIS Happen?

nntaleb: Why did the CRISISHappen?

The Bed of Procrustes (Work in Progress)

HatTip to Dave Lull. Since aphorisms lose their charm whenever explained, I only hint to the reader the main subject of this book, which corresponds to the central theme of Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan, though rephrased in an aphoristic style —

The Russian Forum Debate: Marc Faber, Hugh Hendry, Nassim Taleb

Aha! Made it to YouTube. Nassim Taleb (Synopsis): Go no-risk with a small percent and high-risk with the rest. For the speculative component, short the S&P and be long in precious metals; bet on hyperinflation with OTM calls on gold and puts on bonds; short USTs as long as Bernanke and Summers are in office; […]

Dance With Chance – Making Luck Work For You

In a nutshell, Dance with Chance is all about knowing what you can and cannot predict and, therefore, what you can and cannot control.
Think about it. Every day human beings make decisions. Some are important: should you invest your life savings in t…

In-Depth Look – G-20 Leaders Meet – Bloomberg

Analysis and discussion with Nassim Taleb a man they call risk management guru talking about volatile environment, unexpected events, mark to market accouting and more. (Bloomberg News)