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Taleb Says Euro Breakup ‘Not a Big Deal’ as U.S. Scariest – Businessweek

A breakup of the euro “is not a big deal,” Taleb said yesterday at an event in Montreal hosted by the Alternative Investment Management Association. “When they break it up, there will be a lot of fun currencies. This is why I am not afraid of Europe, or investing in Europe. I’m afraid of the […]

Financial black swans driven by ultrafast machine ecology

Financial black swans driven by ultrafast machine ecology Neil Johnson, Guannan Zhao, Eric Hunsader, Jing Meng, Amith Ravindar, Spencer Carran, Brian TivnanSubmitted on 7 Feb 2012 Society’s drive toward ever faster socio-technical systems, means that there is an urgent need to understand the threat from ‘black swan’ extreme events that might emerge. On 6 May […]

A Quant’s Apology: Bar Humbug – The Talebian Bar-Bell Portfolio, Part I

In the end I added  this to the ‘haters’ category. Especially after I read this post. He seems to be writing anonymously. Anyone know who it is? According to philosopher Taleb we can have heuristics, but not optimization. Optimization leads to airport delays. It also leads to cheaper tickets and in this exciting two part […]

Janet Tavakoli: Where Were Drama Pundits — Whitney, Taleb and Gasparino — When It Mattered?

I’m in receipt today of a collection of emails from Janet Tavakoli. You may recall some controversy around figures NNT was quoted to have said in a GQ article. I believe I’ve posted about this elsewhere on the blog. It’s from 2009. As you know, I have no relationship with Nassim Taleb, I’m simply collecting, […]

The Markets, Economic Data, and My Black Swan Approach – Scala Volpe Capital

At this point I think it would be helpful to illuminate what I’ve been doing both in reaction to the economic data and to be proactive to what I think is still to come.  As you may have read already on my Portfolio page, I do employ black swan prote…