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Nassim Taleb – Business News Network May 30, 2012

¬†Could the markets be setting up for another “Black Swan” event and can anti-fragility be brought into global financial systems? BNN asks Nassim Taleb, author of “The Black Swan.” Click link or photo to launch video. to Trevor!

Falkenblog: Is Spitznagel an Apostate?

Taleb is listed rather prominently on the Universa Website and Spitznagel graciously credits Taleb in the paper, but Taleb and/or Spitznagel have put a fork in the archetypal Black Swan theory (and yet, Taleb has never been really consistent, so one can say he meant this all along at some level). I have no doubt […]

Black swan investing using ETFs – The Globe and Mail

Last week, Horizons Exchange Traded Funds launched two Exchange Traded Funds based on Black Swan basics. Mr. Taleb serves as a distinguished scientific advisor for Universa, the managers of the two funds. The funds are designed to protect investors against Black Swan events that will impact the S&P 500 Index and the TSX 60 Index. […]

Horizons Universa US Black Swan ETF (HUS.U)

If there’s an investment-savvy reader out there who cares to have a look at and comment on this ETF for us that would be great. Doesn’t an “actively managed basket of put and call options” imply a steady drain on the fund unless and until there is a ‘Black Swan’ event? The protection strategy Universa’s […]

Nassim Taleb Responds To Bloomberg Article – Business Insider

Apparently the NNT quotes Bloomberg posted earlier today (and to which I posted a link) were taken out of context and NNT isn’t too happy about it. So why is Taleb so furious? Basically he says he wasn’t giving investment advice at all, and that he was giving an hour-long lecture on anti-fragility and risk, […]