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Pranks, Dietwald Clauss, Saudi King Salman, Rizqo | Twitter

@nntaleb My best prank was: lecturing in 1998 at the Tokyo Press Club faking a Japanese accent. Nobody complained, nobody laughed. Permalink 1:06 PM – 7 Feb 2016

@nntaleb Did you ever try to read in a public place a book with the cover mistakenly glued upside down? Permalink 12:39 PM – 7 Feb 2016

@nntaleb GMO lobbyist Dietwald Claus sneak into group vacation, live at your expense, then smear you. Despicable man. @dietwaldclaus @Bigsmiffy438 Permalink 11:31 AM – 7 Feb 2016

@nntaleb Liar, liar! I paid for Dietwald Clauss, GMO lobbyist “accidentally” meals/board 3 days, planned 2 m in advance @dietwaldclaus @Bigsmiffy438 Permalink 11:29 AM – 7 Feb 2016

@nntaleb Has anyone tried filling up a large mayonaise jar with custard & eating it with a large spoon while sitting on a bench in a public place? Permalink 9:36 AM – 7 Feb 2016

@nntaleb Let us ask his majesty what he is doing in Syria.
Saudi King Salman calls for others not to interfere in kingdom   Permalink 8:09 AM – 7 Feb 2016

@nntaleb From Skin In the Game: The Logic of Risk Taking.
@business901 Permalink 5:46 AM – 7 Feb 2016

@AssalehAmer @nntaleb Nassim, I think they use “لا ضرر ولا ضرار” Permalink 1:52 PM – 5 Feb 2016

@nntaleb We don’t know what we are talking about when we talk about risk. Permalink 5:11 AM – 7 Feb 2016

@nntaleb The Semitic root =>sharing pieces => property/endowment. Writing a piece showing “risk” is meaningless in modern sense.15min
@peterfrankopan Permalink 4:40 AM – 7 Feb 2016

@nntaleb Discovery du Jour: Origin of “risk” thought to be from Arabic (via rischio) in fact has Syriac-Aramaic origin: Rizqo Permalink 4:08 AM – 7 Feb 2016

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