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Nassim Nicholas Taleb at ET GBS | The Economic Times

What is your assessment of the oil industry?

Oil industry is going to be in a shambles. Solar is gaining market share.You have to find some argument for me to use oil if I can use free solar.The argument is solar is hard to store. Then your utility can get enough electricity during the day without storage and supplement it with oil in the night. That will chip away the market share of oil. You have talked about soccer moms (in the US) being bad example of parenting.

Is it because they don’t expose their kids to risks?

If you make a kid too comfortable he is not going to discover anything. You need to have enough variation but no risk. They think that no risk means no variation. Of course you have to minimise harm but have some little bit of roughing.

The schedule of a soccer mom is like a businessman. I want unpredictability in my schedule. They make children like office workers -5 o’clock this, 2 o’clock that. That’s not life.

We’re told you don’t like appointments..

Now I am here. Tomorrow I don’t have anything on schedule till I go and see the Bank of England in mid February . So I have two weeks without a schedule.

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