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NECSI Executive Education: Antifragility | NECSI

NECSI Executive Education: Antifragility
Antifragility: A User’s Manual
Learn to flourish in a volatile and complex world by creating “antifragile” organizations that thrive on stress and disorder. A two-day program for senior management January 21st and 22nd, 2016 Cambridge, MA
Speakers:Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Former trader,author of The Black Swan and AntifragileYaneer Bar-Yam, President and Professor,New England Complex Systems Institute
Frame:When strong winds blow, don’t build walls, but rather windmills: there is a way to turn every bit of adversity into fuel for improvement.This course introduces the principles of antifragility and complex systems science to explain how organizations and markets respond to volatility. Participants will learn which organizations can be considered fragile or antifragile, why certain patterns and trends matter while others are just noise, and how to create organizations that use volatility, variability, stress and disorder as information for making better decisions. This program does not require a math background.

Source: NECSI Executive Education: Antifragility | NECSI

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