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Halloween, Mini-Certificate, Beirut, Employees

The Mini-Certificate


One-week intense workshop: Feb 22-26 2016, New York City, 9 AM-5 PM

Nassim N. Taleb will deliver about half the lecture and sign the certificate

2 day program (no mini-certificate), $2950*

5 day program (with mini-certificate),  $7400*
(Early signup discount $2200 and $5900 respectively before Dec 15 2015)

* Inaugural price

The venue is expected to be the Princeton Club of NY in Midtown Manhattan or an equivalent outfit.

Note: Discussions include no equations, but a lot of concepts and pictures

The minority rule explains the new Halloween (and why Europe will eat halal, why GMOs bust)

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) October 30, 2015
After all this (secret) unremitting work I finally completed my small personal time machine. Future vs present.

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) October 30, 2015
Finally, our Mini-Certificate in Real World Risk Management anti-BS anti-Nerd approach.

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) October 30, 2015

First book lecture in French; In Beirut with French Lycée classmates attending.

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) October 30, 2015
My point about Switzerland isn’t that it doesn’t have a government. What It doesn’t have is much of a *central* government: *subsidiarity*.

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) October 28, 2015
Employees are more risk averse, they fear being fired more than contractors do being sued. @ArthurB

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) October 27, 2015

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