Someone has done me favors in the past, when I needed them, say got me out of trouble. I naturally feel indebted to *that* person. But the ethical reaction should not be to pay the same person back since his generosity, if genuine, should be unconditional. My debt should be to the system (something called “society”), or, less abstract, someone else, preferably a stranger…

This is similar to the mechanism of bedouin hospitality. And it becomes multiplicative.

Likewise, like anyone who isn’t a saint, I have done things in my past for which I have remorse. But, to clear my conscience, I do not have to rectify the *exact* situation. I just need a large action that does not benefit me but helps the largest number of people, say, take risks by going after evil such as Monsanto, debunk BS vendors, prevent Hilary Clinton from getting close to the White House, etc.


It is nearly impossible to change one’s opinion about ideas without *also* changing one’s opinion about the people associated with them.

The best way to know people is to find out what they lie about.

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