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Third Wives, Trump, Dark Act, Traders,

An excellent estmator of net worth is the difference in age between a man and his third wife.

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) July 28, 2015

Those who didn’t see the possibility of Trump leading with big margin are now predicting that he will go away. 2nd order failure #blackswan

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) July 26, 2015

Advocates of the Dark Act banning GMO labeling are using paternalistic arguments that can be used to prevent release of *any* information.

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) July 26, 2015

Successful traders have their mind on losses; the poor ones focus on profits. (ignore the”contrarian”designation)…

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) July 25, 2015

Skin in the game forces redistribution as the wealthy will need to remain exposed to downside risk.…

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) July 25, 2015

To repeat, 1) there is NO study of systemic (tail) risks of GMOs, 2) our Prec Princpl is “nonnaive”, pro-risktaking.….

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) July 24, 2015

If you share the Hayekian-Popperian aversion to “largescale utopian social engineering” but accept GMOs and don’t see the contradiction …

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) July 23, 2015

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