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I am boycotting UCL…

REPOSTED with redaction/Post on spineless cowards
Boycotting UCL, twice and invite anyone who has respect for freedom of expression, disdain for hypocrisy, and feels that intellectual life should not fall prey to Soviet-style arbitrary bureaucrats, to do so.
Please note that UCL, aside from having a campus in Qatar, is penalizing a defenseless old white male while letting hate preachers operate with impunity. And without even any attempt at due process, fact checking, blinded by twiter mobs and loud policing operators. Despicable hypocrites.

UPDATE: Looks like academics in UK are afraid of speaking too loud as they are afraid of administrators and the thought police giving them a label. I was told that there is no tenure in UK and “performance reviews” can be arbitrary. Spineless slaves; they don’t deserve to do research.

(Had to delete old post because of problem with cropping phone numbers and we inadvertently lost comments..)


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