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So, finally, after our Precautionary paper, a GMO (Monsanto) lobbyist…

So, finally, after our Precautionary paper, a GMO (Monsanto) lobbyist (name: Val Giddings) seems to be after us, with naive demonization techniques, very elementary efforts at delegitimizing me in person. I thought we were doing something wrong before that. But the problem is that the fellow is not very skilled at it and can’t seem to get more than 900 pple on twitter (a net of 300 followers after reciprocation).

I wonder if something has changed in the smear campaign business. Not that it has ever been a great idea. Ralph Nader a lone activist faced a smear campaign by GM (failed). Same with Edmond Safra with American Express paying journalists to smear him (failed too, but he got them to pay big bucks and benefited hugely from the affair).

Anyway, worth inspecting how these things work.


UPDATE: So far reactions by lobbyists to our paper are not worth answering scientifically so far as they have been ALREADY addressed in text. The lobbyists just perform strawman deformations. Answering these other than telling them they are spinning means entering their game.

‘The Terminator technology is not unethical. It is unethical to empower farmers with the ability to steal value added by companies.’

via So, finally, after our Precautionary paper, a… – Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

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