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Fat Tail Mag Number 1 Volume 1: Edvin Lemus

John, I reviewed Taleb’s Antifragile on Fat Tail Mag. Here is a quote:

“Now close to seven years later we have Antifragile Taleb’s newest book that leaves the black swan or the rare event as something beyond mystical and returns to the process itself—to the random distribution and how to take the upside payoff and avoid the downside. As Seneca once said: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. Being antifragile as Taleb explains is about cutting the downside and exposing oneself to volatility and opportunity as bearer of good news. He promises too that by following his antifragile logic, process, and even workout you would do better than the rest because of nonlinear convexity.”

and a link on Amazon


E.D. Lemus

N Underground Publisher Ltd.

Fat Tail Mag Number 1 Volume 1: Edvin Lemus: 9781500784423: Books.

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