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“a love letter to libraries and archives” |

From Dave Lull who, like me, enjoys seeing NNT’s ideas spreading far and wide.

Jean Bauer interjects: “Memories of serendipitous discoveries in physical stacks are example of Black Swan Theory. Rarely happens but very memorable.”

Brian: “Yes. But… the impact that it has probably makes for a larger memory of it.”

Chris: “And I think it’s especially stack-based serendipity that gets played up. We don’t talk about social networks this way.”

Brian: “I think we are just getting there with online serendipity … it is still much newer phenomena than physical.”

via “a love letter to libraries and archives” |

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  1. Van wrote:

    We’re talking about asset pricing here.

    Seemingly Taleb cannot make a great call .. meaning he was extremely fortunate to rise to ambition in 2008 .. just a lucky call ..

    Taleb is a flash in the pan

    Taleb is an intellectual fraud

    Saturday, August 9, 2014 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

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