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The “diplomatic” debate with Didier Sornette.

Edited video of Sornette debate via NNT’s Facebook.

The “diplomatic” debate with Didier Sornette. I extracted 100% of our conversation and deleted the bland corporate talk of others.A “diplomatic debate” is defined as a conversation in which one looks for synthesis as opposed to one in which one is trying, as in war, to win the argument, as with political debates. Clearly this type of debate only works when the two parties are scientists not marketers, Larry Summers, or something of the sort.

Sornette vs. Taleb Diametrically Opposite Approaches to Risk & PredictabilityAn ETH sponsored meeting and debate between Nassim Taleb and Didier Sornette. Edited to eliminate the parts of the conversation not involving either but…

via Facebook.

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