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Taleb Upset After Debate With Summers – Business Insider

I hope we get to see this at some point.

As for what bothered Taleb the most, it was Summers’ characterization of Taleb’s argument about how it’s important to have skin in the game: “Basically when you argue with an academic that skin-in-the-game is necessary not sufficient, the rest of the discussion should take that into account. Summers kept viciously transforming my argument into ‘skin-in-the-game is a replacement for more capital and risk controls.’

“So, what’s the problem? Taleb is more offended by Summers’ form. He said Summers stooped to a low point that he wouldn’t go to.

“I stuck to my commitment,” Taleb said. “He’s [Summers] narcissistic … At no point did I try to win the argument.”

Business Insider was there, and it did seem like the argument was well-moderated. There were moments of tension, but that’s healthy. It’s certainly not the first time the two have gotten feisty either.

via Taleb Upset After Debate With Summers – Business Insider.

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