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Stanislav Yurin’s NNT Facebook Search Engine!

Stanislav Yurin explored his expanding coding talents by building a Nassim Taleb oriented Facebook search engine!

This place probably have become one of the largest philosophical communities all over the Internet, but the real value of it is how solid it is thanks to tremendous efforts of NNT in building the tribe.
The only real problem, at least for me, who have joined not very long ago a year or something is how hard to draw information from the depth layers of this well, since facebook have no any facilities for searching and hardly any for human-friendly browsing. And it is not indexed by any internet search engine, some more insight about it later.

So, when my nerdiness eventually called myself for some programming exercise, I have chosen to solve this personal problem and have built a small tool for searching this forum archives.
Here it is

Plain and simple, it requests search term and/or author name, and produces the result in I hope a slightly more valuable manner.
To show the downsides of non-existence of native facebook search, some quick examples of produced results:

Not only you, my fellow NNT reader, may be confused about green lumber problem:

We actually have at least two authentic Nassim Taleb persons here:

You came across a math genius in the library, so why not make a quick opinion search?

via I have received some encouraging… – Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Facebook.

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