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35 Brilliant Insights From Nassim Taleb – SFGate

The only valid political system is one that can handle an imbecile in power without suffering from it.
Journalists cannot grasp that what is interesting is not necessarily important; most cannot even grasp that what is sensational is not necessarily interesting.
Never buy a product that the owner of the company that makes it doesn’t use, or, in the case of, say, medication, wouldn’t contingently use.
Just realized that to politely get rid of someone people in Brooklyn say “call me if you need anything.”
Injuries done to us by others tend to be acute; the self-inflicted ones tend to be chronic.
We often benefit from harm done to us by others; almost never from self-inflicted injuries.
You will never know if someone is an asshole until he becomes rich.

via 35 Brilliant Insights From Nassim Taleb – SFGate.

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