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Monthly Archives: June 2013


HEURISTIC TO AVOID METASTATIC EMAILS We fail to realize that technology is nonlinear to dosage, that in small doses the side effects are minimal (they are highly convex), but in larger doses they take over. For instance, to avoid email correspondence from becoming metastatic, put a lower bound of 31 days before replying to any […]

Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Oglivy’s Rory Sutherland on risk – Cannes Lions 2013 video | Media |

The author and philosopher and the Ogilvy Group UK vice-chairman join John Plunkett at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to discuss how ideas relating to resilience, uncertainty, randomness and variation can apply to the advertising industry. They look at how the ’80/20′ theory of resource allocation can lead to disproportionate gains for minimal […]

You don’t eat to be “the best” taster…

You don’t eat to be “the best” taster the world, don’t take a stroll to be “the best” stroller in the world, don’t push buttons in an elevator to be the best button pusher in the world. So if you use this marker to select your activities, you should feel liberated, extremely liberated: don’t write […]

Timeline Photos | Facebook

TERRA INGOGNITA. The most worthy mission is a methodology to deal with the opaque in a rigorous way, something of course the ancients developed heuristically.This wonderful map Brad Efron/Susan Holmes shows the borders of Terra Incognita. Properly redrawn to scale: Terra Incognita should represent 99% of the surface of the map. Image via Timeline Photos […]

Samir Zein brough to my attention that…

Samir Zein brough to my attention that Arabic makes a distinction between “criticism by words”, and “criticism by action” النقد الفعلي via Samir Zein brough to my attention that… – Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Facebook.