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An improvement of the LINDY EFFECT…

An improvement of the LINDY EFFECT: We can sort of measure of conditional antifragility by looking at what went down and bounced back. Things that survive provide information; but things that bounced back from severe hardship provide even more information under some conditions of homogeneity. You are as good as the worst adversity you encountered in your past.This is useful for persons, companies, etc. Never catch a falling knife: I prefer to buy the stock of a company that went down, then bounced back than an equivalent one that never went down to these low levels adjusting of course for other considerations.More technically, things that came back from level Si are stronger than things that came back from level Sj>Si. So for a family of processes {S} that start at the same point S0 and end at the same point ST, the one with the largest distance from its minimum Smin is the one that is potentially the most antifragile.

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