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Friends, 1 Changed the name of the technical book to: FAT TAILS AND ANTIFRAGILITY…

Friends, 1) Changed the name of the technical book to:FAT TAILS AND ANTIFRAGILITY: Lectures on Probability, Risk, and Decisions in the Real World, which should be a completely parallel piece of work, standalone. 2) Completed the main technical points of The Black Swan, and showed IN MATHEMATICAL TERMS the limits of current probability theory and the bullshit by social scientists misusing the math of probability. 3) Realizing that there is nothing more soothing than math in airports, hotel rooms, and train stations. Somehow, psychologically, if you put the argument in precise mathematical form, you feel it is there and you don’t need to make extra effort to convey it to others and avert misinterpretation: truth is robust, particularly when put in non-ambiguous form.
textbook.pdf – Google Drive

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