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Beirut is the only remaining City-State in the Mediterranean…

Beirut is the only remaining City-State in the Mediterranean. The multilingual multireligious, tolerant, obsessively mercantile, Mediterranean City-States have been swallowed by the modernistic nation states. Alexandria was swallowed by the nation of Egypt, Smyrna by the nation of Turkey, Tessaloniki by Greece, Aleppo by Syria.
But luckily Beirut swallowed Lebanon. Lebanon was small enough a state to let itself be colonized by the City-State of Beirut.

(cont) The Mediterranean was the anti-statist’s dream; it was itself the infrastructure. The maritime city did not need large structural projects, like trains, roads, dams, airports, and bridges. Consider how free a ship is in the sea compared to a train on a track or a car on a road.

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